My Introductory post to hive/pob

My name is Ali sulaimon oladimeji am a student of Adekunle Ajasin University Akoko Akungba (AAUA) studying Business Administration. I'm the first out of five in my family, I'm dark in complexion 6.5 height if I guess right 21yrs hold.My best food is Beans with a little bit of Garri.I find video games to be my way of having fun.So I thought of it, instead of me waisting time on my phone playing video games why don't I use my phone in making cash from one of the online business around.


I was introduced to this platform by my brother who was fund of crypto currency.
Though I was actually looking for a way of making my own cash without spending too much so he told me about this platform,which I find interesting and fun. Writing daily content about myself or things around me is cool course I love writing though because am a singer that I do write music down in my note everyday, though I have it in mind to be a legend as a musician in future.Since I was use to writing both as a student and a singer I see this as an opportunity for me to gain into my pocket at the same time acquire more experience from reading other people's content, sharing from others knowledge and lot more.

I think is going to be a greater opportunity for me to prove myself if this community would welcome me with open arms...

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