POB Problem and Discussion

Recently, I read some articles in POB community drama, it's about downvote, over rewarded, etc ...
People started to point finger to each others, tried to prove that "I'm right" instead of looking for the the problems and the solutions.

I will not state who 's right and who's wrong in this article. I just want to share my thought about how to make @proofofbrainio, POB become a better community.


1. What is the mission of POB?
Once a community is created, it need to have the clear mission.
I see some Hive communities having clear mission like @amazingnature, @leofinance, @actifit, ...




What does POB have?

What makes POB different compared to another social platforms on Hive?
It should be a better statement to clearly identify the mission of POB community

2. Upvote and Discussion
If you like any articles, upvote it.
If you don't like it or have different point, discussion instead of downvote.
Why? Discussion is the base of improvement. Everyone has different point of view and the community should encourage sharing the ideas.
If I'm afraid to be downvoted when I share some different ideas with POB whales, will I share it? Absolutely no, and I will leave the community.
The community without discussion, it will die soon.

3. Downvote
Each community should have its rules.
These rules like the laws in the real life. The downvote is only applied if someone violates the rules with clear proof.
The current rule of POB is shit. (Sorry for telling the truth 😁)

This rule just creates the discrimination or racism.

4. Rewards
It should have the maximum POB rewards per upvote, it has some reasons:

  • To encourage authors create better content to attract more reader and get more upvote. It creates more interaction within the community, a live community.
  • To avoid the influence of POB whales
  • To avoid inflationary of POB price. Too much POB created from POB whales curation will make POB price plummeted


Again, this is my thought. If you have any different point of view, let's discuss.
Happy weekend to you, POB community !!!

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