Hi 🔊 Hers's a Piece of Me!

From several years I chose to die today
I'm a writer of life, and a controller of the role
Divine isn't my thing to take my leads of actions
So I always take the nearest way to get my call
Don't ask about who I choose, or who is gone
It's the destiny, and it's the time
Don't resist if I cursed you and used your soul
It's how you're designed, it's only in your thoughts
Don't judge me if I took your life,
Or If I killed your mind in the name of love
I'm the writer of life, and you are the act of God
Watching your life, I wish if I could be you, as in soul
You don't know how I suffer, and how I think of you all

Been four days here, and I still keep on
It's not a death-note or God's written book
It's a divine in my life for just being real, and not acting on
I chose not to follow the divine, because that's what I'm really are
But I know exactly what's coming, so I'm writing my name on
Sure as hell, I will die but...
Not before I take all of your corrupted souls
Fear not, I do not intend to kill you all
I only aim to make an example of your hollow, empty souls
Sorry for not telling the truth of who I really was
It's your fault, it's that you don't make any sense to me at all
I'm not seeing the rise, nor the fall
Glad to welcome Y'all to the era of the one true God


Simply Written By - @SimpleOtis

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