Eyes Are More Hungry Than The Tummy


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Since last week I'm planning for some grocery shopping and decide Thursday for it because its a day before the weekend but I'm still not sure about it because in the outside angry sun waiting for me so I may go out in the afternoon when the sun shine can be sustainable. What about the grocery when hostel providing every day three times meal? Well this is for snacks, juice or some other foods that can be consume in free time. But I was thinking to replace snacks with some healthy fruits like green apple, mangos or some other seasonal fruits. Not a bad idea right? I think so.

Sometimes I get bored having regular food habits so having a change is a must and I hardly think about money when its come to about food. I love eating seasonal fruits but most of the fruits in the market is not enough trustworthy so occasionally I plan for having a small amount of fruits which probably have formalin. Its hard for me to trust because seasonal fruits get rotten faster than other fruits so for sure sellers use different kind of chemical in it that may proves poisonous to our health.

But who cares? Many food lovers purchase fruits with the trust that sometimes works like slow poison in our body. For example when I purchase ripe mango I found the mango has no smell of it, it smell like a chemical that pushed into it to keep it for long time. Anyway let's leave the topic or else you may stop trusting on fruits like me. I've coffee inside my room so this time I won't buy some coffee but I may purchase some snacks like toast, cake or dry cake, chocolate. Ice cream is perfect but it can't store because fridge of hostel is not a safe place to store foods. So sometimes I may eat it from nearest store or skip it for some other time.

People likes instant noodles that only need hot water but I found it absolutely unhealthy so I not even taste it ever. I like noodles but not which made instantly. I like noodles with lots of spices but that not regularly because I try my best to avoid junk foods. Though I have soft corner in my heart for junk foods lol. Actually I'm belong to a foodie family and in my childhood I always served a lots of food so now my stomach turn bigger and I prefer having foods but unfortunately can digest a little. My eyes are more hungry than my tummy so sometimes I eat and vomit them out because I can't digest them.

Many people seems to me live for food but we should have food to live. I mean to say, we should take small quantity of food that may can't affect our body in a bad way. Every time what happen about me is, I wish to take a big meal but I could be able to eat a small portion of it and that is enough for my stomach. According to wise says we should keep space for water when we eat or else over eating may cause of vomiting or dysentery. So eating as much we can digest is wise. But who cares, for a foodie person rules hardly does matter and they eat more than they can digest. Sometimes I'm not alter to it to be honest!

Anyway, its time to be prepare for doing my regular job or activities online and get ready for afternoon grocery shopping on time. Need to finish my work on time and shouldn’t forget all the item I've planned for purchasing today. Dates, nuts as dry fruits is my all time favourite because its healthy and tasty too. I eat biscuits and other local snacks that can be spicy and crispy too. Problem is that healthy foods are not easy to store so I trust in dry fruits like dates and nuts. I've sweet tooth for sweets so cake is also one of my favorite. Hope I could be able to go for it in the afternoon.

Have a nice day to you all!!

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