The truth will prevail

We are all journalists now!

If the globalists want out with the old and in with the new. I have zero interest in TV.
So we are all entitled to share the truth. Then now we are all journalists.

Yes we can have a great reset. Yes we can get rid of leaches that tax us and make money backed by nothing.
Worth nothing.

Come on people, we can do this. This war is won already. You do not know it yet. But it is.

Keep sharing information like this. Hold them to account.

I have a massive amount of faith in you, ordinary people. Switched on. Positive.

We got this one.

All you of little faith need to start speaking up. Freedom from government is not a choice, it is a necessity.
They start wars and kill innocent civilians, for resources, for their friends.

But and a big but, they do it for paper money worth no more than the paper it is printed on.

I feel sure we can do better than this.

If you start off with a theory like this = Money backed by nothing is worth nothing, and anything a liar politician has to say is a lie to protect something (Fiat currency) worth nothing. You have the complete picture. Forget rabbit holes. They (POLITICIANS) are all born LIARS!

In you I trust. My days are numbered. Go get em people.

One love. One people. Stand together as one. No matter the color/colour. All biological and just the same.

One world. One love!

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