The great reset - maybe it is.


I was asked yesterday what I thought was going on in the world.

My answer was simple, wake up world time.

If people can not see through what is wrong with this world by now, they never will.

This is not about a blue or red pill, it is about common sense.

  • The media are whores and will parrot anything for money.

  • Governments print money, want it all back via tax so they can dine out, and give all their cronies con-tracts.
    (For kickbacks of course)

  • Doctors and nurses are big pharma legal drug pushers with kickbacks.

  • Tik-Tok remember that, taking the piss out of all of us were they not?

  • Anybody in government tells lies because the money backed by nothing is a lie, so they continue the fairy story after that.

  • News is scripted and read by actors, none of it is real.

I do not know about you, but I have stopped watching the news full stop. It helps that it is not my native language here. I do not have to listen to the bullshit they spout daily.

In the UK I was told yesterday by a friend, that the government are going after 12 - 15 year old healthy children with their mRNA gene terrorism jibby jabby or is it a prick? (No not Bill Gates, even though he is alleged to have a prick)

Yes maybe we are going through a great reset, but I will have to be shot to "own nothing and be happy" as old Klaus ANAL swab says.

If you do not get that part after 19 months, you never will.

Yes bring on the great reset, lets get back to nature and end constant consumerism and inbuilt obsolescence.

I still have 3 Nokia phones, not smart, no internet neither, from 2000. I buy a so called smart phone and it is dead within 2 years, not so smart after all is it.

You buy now a smart phone, and most have the batteries hidden under the phone. Battery dies, phone becomes junk.

Smart? My arse.

Most goods are now manufactured in China, junk goods, bad plastic, throw away society.

Yes, we do need a reset, and a mindset change.

We get told plastic is bad, it is filling up the oceans/seas but we are sold things, goods in shops, wrapped in plastic, in plastic bags. But worry not, McDonald's no longer gives out plastic straws. Pathetic to say the least.

Yes, we do need a great reset.

We need fruit trees on every street corner, not useless trees.

We need to plant food and grow it, not grass lawns.

We need to farm hemp as it grows in 3 months. Not cut down trees.

Henry Ford once made a car from Hemp. Then government banned it.

You can make cars, houses, clothes and all sorts from hemp. Not just stick it in your pipe and smoke it.


What is wrong with the world?

At this moment in time what is right with it?

Governments abuse power, lock downs are for prisons not citizens.
Telling people to wear a muzzle/mask/face nappy due to germ "theory" does not make germ theory into fact!

Where are the critical thinking skills gone to? Are they flushed down a toilet with that thing called common sense?
19 months, heading to 20 and still people walk about with a nappy on their face. 19 months they have had to research what is right and what is wrong. They carry smart phones with the entire internet at their fingertips, yet do selfies instead.
What is wrong with this world she asked me, at this moment what is right with it is now my answer.

The last time I had any dealing with a so called doctor he wanted to cut parts of my ladies vagina out.
If you can not see these people for what they are by now. You never will.

We have a world where the biggest liar is the biggest winner of fake money backed by nothing worth no more than monopoly money.

Yes, let us reset with cryptos and money backed by tangible goods.

Let us reset to real news delivered by real people in real time.
Let us reset to looking after our own health, not relying on some scumbag doctor to push us some pills.
Let us reset from central government that is full of liars that know after 4 years they can sit on the board of directors of all the companies that lobbied them.

Yes, fuck it, let us have a great reset, bring it on. The time is now. Out with bad rubbish, in with the new.

But my sticking point is owning nothing, fuck that, I worked hard for it. Gave up my youth for it. Not happening old man anal slob.

Have a superb day. Time to get rid of some dead wood as above!

Have a superb week ahead.

Rant over :-)

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