Love, laughter and Doom (WOTW S5w5)

Ada was Daniel's love since they were twelve. They had met in school, became friends and eventually fell in love. They could barely stay a day without seeing each other. They shared many things in common and their dislike almost matched, sometimes they had fights but never allowed it to stay until daybreak, people said their love was destined by the gods. Everything about them was perfect, they had their dreams written down and designed in portraits.

"I want these portraits to remind me of the dreams we have and that's why I have them placed in the living room" Daniel told Ada who blushed uncontrollably.

They had fought tough battles together. A period when both parents were against their union, they stick together and fought until both parents had no choice, Ada had sacrificed her grandma's wristwatch that was given to her worth $500,000 to help Daniel complete his collage, and Daniel declined to travel go study abroad on a scholarship just to save their love. All these happened before they both went to different states to serve their country in a one year compulsory service called NYSC.


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6 months later, their communication started to cease, Daniel wondered what was happening. The love that seemed to be ordained by the gods was gradually fading away. The love they have built for years was collapsing, he only wondered where the crack was, and what had gone wrong during the few months of their departure. Ada over there had seen a guy whom she believed was her perfect definition of prince charming, nothing about Daniel fascinated her any more and had no fear of what we befall the love they shared. The sacrifices no longer matter to her. Daniel became disturbed, he wanted the love back, he wanted the girl who had become a part of him back.

As time went on, Ada realized the new guy though tall , handsome, and a good sense of dress still lacked some characters Daniel possessed. They had a lot of differences and she realized how much she had hurt Daniel to have forsaken him for that long even though he never gave up on her.

"Please forgive me" she said to Daniel , "I hope to make this love work once again".

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