VAST Proof of Brain

And on that day, a new player arrived unannounced and unafraid. It offered a new opportunity.

Join the community and become boundless.

Curators of old flocked towards the new. They became intent on demonstrating their Proof of Brain.


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Inspired by Bitcoin, Hive, and LeoFinance, @proofofbrainio introduced the Proof of Brain (POB) community and its token. The aim of POB was simple: reward the blockchain with high-quality content in exchange for well-earned currency. Furthermore, POB promises to have a fair yet reasonable token distribution.

There is no mining involved with Proof of Brain (POB) currency. While POB borrows from the Bitcoin concept, people earn the token through either rewards or purchases on the exchange.

The results have been impressive. The value of POB currency surpasses that of HIVE, but for how long?

  • People are producing high-quality content, but so are other tribes.
  • A reason for this difference may be in the type of content allowed.
  • For example, one tribe may be solely dedicated to free-writing, while another may only be to gaming-related topics.

It is the tribe, as a whole, that makes POB incredible. And we do it by learning and engaging while meeting the VAST pillars of the community.


VAST Proof of Brain

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The VAST pillars of the POB community include vision, accountability, synergy, and transparency. Working towards, achieving, and maintaining these ideals will keep the tribe strong and successful.

Please note that these discussions are ONLY recommendations.

  • I do not have the authority to commit anyone to anything. The power is with us to make these pillars a binding part of POB.
  • To the best of my ability, I have reviewed every POB-related post and comment relating to @proofofbrainio.
  • It is my interpretation of everyone's interactions.


The vision of POB is to develop high-quality content through community engagement, accountability, and synergy.


  • The founder, the development team, and all stakeholders are responsible for stabilizing and growing the community.
  • We will hold ourselves and others accountable for the content we create and share with the community and blockchain.
  • Tribe developers are committed to providing periodic community updates on the status, issues, and futures of POB.
  • Stakeholders are responsible for voicing their concerns and ensuring they are tracked, recorded, and addressed.


  • We will cooperate to create, curate, and moderate high-quality content throughout the tribe and blockchain.


  • Our actions will be open and clear for the world to see.
  • We will communicate publicly with the blockchain and report on our progress.

If approved by the community, future versions of POB's recommended pillars should be updated as required by user engagement, tribal leadership, and stakeholders.



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We can never get from where we are to where we need to be without a plan. The best program plans allow adjustments to our course for the best possible results. In the path we follow, the journey will always be more important than the destination.

The following road map represents my interpretation of discussions on POB posts and commentaries.

Development StageDescriptionActionsStatus
Phase IImplementationFirst POB StakedCompleted
OnboardingIntroduction Post by POBCompleted
Phase IIDevelopmentCreate Ecency PlatformIn development
Tribe CharterCommunity VisionIn Progress
Program RoadmapDevelop draft & presentIn Progress
Standard OperationsCommunicationsEvaluating
Use CasesEvaluating
Ads RevenueImplement AdvertisingIn Progress
MarketingMainsteam AuthorsEvaluating
POB AuthorsEvaluating
POB Store (Merch)Evaluating
Phase IIITechnologyPOB-Ecency Continued SupportNot evaluated
POB-Ecency Mobile PlatformNot evaluated

In my primary job, I could task people to deliver the information to me by a specific date for presentation to a group. In this case, it should be presented first and then adjusted based upon community feedback. We all have responsibilities in different locations, lives, and time zones.

What are your thoughts? How can I adjust the roadmap to reflect progress in POB better?

The roadmap and pillars should be maintained as living documents. It should be updated regularly and communicated to the group as applicable.

This concludes VAST Proof of Brain
Proof of Brain grows through your engagement.

Please stay tuned for a proposal request.


Request for Proposal - Ecency Development

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It's been about a month now and, in keeping with his original project proposal entitled, "POB for Ecency : Funding Proposal : Ecency rewards", @leprechaun made significant progress towards the development of a POB-Ecency platform.

In his most recent post, "Brave Problems with New Front End",@leprechaun mentions issues he's experiencing with the Brave browser. He requests development support to promptly address the issues he stated.

Request proposals from the community from anyone capable of assisting @leprechaun:

  • Leprechaun should approve of the applicant
  • When possible Leprechaun or the applicant should present a proposal to receive the appropriate funding
  • Community authorization should be polled on that proposal request.
  • 51% approval of the community should be the deciding factor of whether or not the funding gets approved.

Thank you for reviewing this request for proposals.


Do you like contests?

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If you love contests, #proofofbrain has contests just for you! The table below presents a few POB authors, along with examples of their contests. Dates may vary for when each new competition occurs, so be sure to follow along to get the most recent updates!

AuthorContest Examples
@calumamWord of the Week
@ashleykalilaQuestion of the Week
@juanmiguelsalasJust Write
@failingforwardsWorst Answer
@marvinixPOB Daily Challenge
@battleaxeA positive post for the oxymoronic
@felipejoysCome figure out The Outrageous Bystander in this contest
@wiseagentSpreading POB (#02): My favorite type of POB

Did you miss the contest? No problem! Just stay in tune with POB. There will be more contests that follow! Please follow these authors for future updates!


In Closing

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Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. Special thanks to @ashleykalila for the POB dividers.

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