The Frailty that Forces Foundations (POB WOTW - S3W22)

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Stories tell us that Preservation and Ruin come are forces that exist to both create our reality and rob of us it. These opposing forces have given me great joy and sorry in my life. I have to assume it has done something similar in your life.

While preservation acts to maintain stability in our cosmos, it prevents us from evolving. To preserve something means you wish to keep it in a steady state. In terms of food storage, we preserve something to keep it from decay. Something preserved cannot proceed along with its natural state. It is imprisoned in a construct not of its design to satisfy the needs of something else.

Ruin, on the other hand, acts to destroy the current state of something beyond repair. It is a vehicle of entropy, I believe, in that everything will descend into disorder over time. Nothing escapes from the effect of entropy, not the universe, our reality, or our relationships. Perhaps it can be dispelled, for a time, through one activity or another as the immortals have learned, but each of us will meet the end result.


The Frailty that Forces Foundations

Deviant Art: Evil by ERA-7

Constantly pushed and pulled between the oppressive forces of Ruin and preservations creates frailty, a weakness, within each of us. The pressures of reality, life, and our activities within us sometimes bring us to our knees. Caught unawares by nature, we'd never notice the growth of our own fragility of thought and body. If we do take notice, however, perhaps we could slow it down to the point of being negligible.

I wonder, sometimes, if the gods were ever aware of their own frailty while being exposed to these forces. Perhaps if they did, we would know them much better today.

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