The Discord that Fell the Tower (POB WOTW - S2W20)

Legions of humanity arrived a Shinar. These were a people of one voice and one language. They cared for themselves and lived their lives apart from what was once holy to them. They weren't an evil people, but they wanted to live their lives amongst themselves unmolested by the celestials.

Behold the civilization of humanity.
A society of one people,
once voice,
and one language
used to build a tower.

The new people of Shinar designed a tower to reach the heavens. They did not do so to occupy the celestial lands. They did it to issue a warning:

Leave us our lives,
or we will make war with you.

Seu desafio atingiu uma discórdia com o infinito.
Uno por uno, su gente se dispersó y no pudo
escuchar el balbuceo que se escuchó.

hoc provocatione princeps
caelorum accepit

In that moment, one nation became 70,
and the tower of babel was no more.

Fearful of the accomplishments of the new Shinar people, the god of caelum shattered their minds. The action rendered them incapable of using the language that once made them whole. Their hive-mind fractured, their companions lost, it became an insanity of solitude.

The discord struck true upon the foundation of civilization.

Upon their realization, the once whole people scattered to the winds. They assembled with those of like language and became destined to toil the lands for generations. Humanity was no longer a threat to the fearful deity.

It appears that even the immortals
feared the power of the Hive.

Deviant Art: Divine Judgement by Marquis Amon

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Hive Winners!

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1ST@melbourneswestHive is a gateway drug140 POB
2ND@samsmith1971Baxter's flight of fancy: Finding gratitude in self-reflection70 POB
3RD@mineopolyCan we get rid of Hive?50 POB
4TH@d-pendHexagon of fate — (poetry + generative art)30 POB
5TH@abdul-qudusStory of the little bee 🐝10 POB

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@melbourneswest, @samsmith1971


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NameReasonAmount (POB)
@nonsowritesGrading Assistance, User Engagement100 POB
@amr008.pobAutomation Maintenance & Development1000 POB (delegation from @calumam)


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The word for THIS week is DISCORD (300 POB)

The word for NEXT week is Malicious (Reward - 300 POB, Challenge - 100 POB).

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