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I'll take a look at the ideas over the next week. I also know what @aiuna and others like @insight.pob are looking for in the community.


The POB community was started by @proofofbrainio. And to my knowledge, he began it alone. The initial drive was there, but the resources were not. His initial efforts drew in the crowd and support. A community was born.

I'll address this in a post I'm writing. Long story short: slow and steady wins the race. It's better to build a solid foundation than to rush in a FOMO event that can crumble when FUD catches up.

FOMO-FUD events always occur.

It's my interpretation of the community's progress since its inception on February 28, 2021. My goal is stability within the community first. It's good to build a relationship with the Hive community and to demonstrate to ourselves that we can manage ourselves.

Have you read @insight.pob's recent post commentary? I discussed a roadmap I developed earlier this year. It's due for an update in the next couple of weeks.

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