Purification & Solitude (WOTW Update)

Emotions can come without warning during a time of pain or strife. They take control of your body, driving you towards safety or insanity. You cry out, but no one is there to hear you. It's like standing in a hallway surrounded by flames. The world can't pay attention to your screams because it doesn't know you are there.

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Solitude allows for a self-reflection of your soul that leads to purification of thought. Sometimes it comes by our will but, more likely than not, may come without our permission. If we fail to recognize the need to rest, it shall come unbidden like a thief in the night. We owe it to ourselves to meditate on our daily activities to satisfy the basic blocks of our needs.

Have we accomplished our goals for today?
Have we yet set out to achieve what we seek?

I believe it's something we always ask ourselves. I feel the only way to realize this is to spend some time in solitude. The answers are there. We just need to allow ourselves to let the answers come. It won't happen in a crowded room or in a loud atmosphere. Similarly, your own demons may prevent you from hearing the wisdom within. Discord wouldn't allow the healing that comes from being alone.

There's a thousand different voices screaming to be heard, and nothing will be done!

Nothing can get done unless you allow it

We must reflect on the things that matter. We determine what matters by individual choice and consensus. In the case of our solitude, we in this community have decided to discuss the concept in detail. Perhaps in discussing SOLITUDE, we can ways to make it work for all of us.

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