Maliciousness from Discord (POB WOTW - S3W21)

Humanity was broken, yet the essence of the Hive remained. Still, they persisted as like sought like. And when the people of Shinar found others of their odd language, then gathered unto themselves.

The God of Caelum now knew fear.
The host could not survive without the faith.
And faith came from those blindly believing in the word.
The God caused a paradox.
By fracturing the once-whole language he denied
his immortals the opportunity to feast from their faith.

Now, they would have to toil to connect to the endless languages abound. Victory came swift following the fall of the Tower, but it would not last. The ego of humanity, and their bizarre consistent perseverance, would see to that fact.

Deviant Art: Angel in Waiting by captdiablo


Fate is What You Make

Deviant Art: War by Erik Shoemaker

A malicious harmony can exist within our reality. We have free will in what we do, but not in the consequences our actions cause. For, if we have free will, so does everything else.

It is here where discord is born.

Similar to our natural laws, what we choose to do to one thing may cause an equal or greater reaction upon ourselves.

Those of the Shinar, despite their intelligence, failed to acknowledge the risk inherent in their initial challenge. The result was their destruction given Shinar's lack of preparation. The impact was malicious at the onset, but may be harmonious for the people in the long run.

And so it comes to pass that the hive-mind continues to grow despite the acts of those from above. We continue to grow and thrive.

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4TH@chincoculbertNo More Discord30 POB
5TH@kemmybDiscord And Physical Appearance10 POB

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The word for THIS week is MALICIOUS (300 POB)

The word for NEXT week is Frailty (Rewards - 300 POB).

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In Closing

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There's more to this life than our first perceptions. Our actions are based on our first perceptions. Trust your actions, but give your target the benefit of the doubt of possible; Otherwise, your actions may be taken as malicious.

Give respect, when you wish to receive it.
Give treatment to someone as you would in real life.
You will then find that perceived maliciousness
may become actual benevolence.
Immortals fear the hive for good reason.

Thanks to the community for supporting our fellow authors. I look forward to providing more in the future. Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey.

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