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Life drives us to failure and beyond.

There is little we can do about what we're handed. Life can pummel us unnecessarily and mercilessly. We sometimes must bow before the pressure or adjust ourselves lest our bodies break. If we choose, however, to stay bent, then we accept our fate. If we look up to the skies and cry out for mercy, then we are still at the mercy of something seemingly greater than us.

If we stand against the torrent,
however, we may become stronger.

If we learn to weather the storm outside,
we become wiser.

For each step we take against the storm, we become unconquerable. In these moments, the heavens will claim us to be Invictus!

Who are the Happy Week-1 Winners?!?!


Happy Winners!

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1ST@trucklife-familyWhat Makes Me Happy!100 POB
2ND@mineopolyKoko and the Wall75 POB
3RD@alekst7Does Our Happiness Really Depend On Our Genes? (pob-wotw)50 POB
4TH@kemmybWill Garner's New Life25 POB

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Word of the Week, Season 4, Week 2!

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Contest Rewards

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The Word for this Week

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The Word for THIS Week is INVICTUS

  • The word for next week is bitter.


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