Privileged to be with the Parents

Mom is the best, even at 70, she is excited to cook for me


She comes from a village, without a proper road in her times. They had to cross a river bed to go to school and she tells me how they grabbed the big leaves, to put on those sand in summer, as they could not afford to have a sandal. They did not have enough to eat, compromise in many things, but that did not deter them from education. She is an Intermediate from her time and getting a job was damn easy with her qualification. But she never thought about it, to upbring us, even though she knew doing a job could give more financial freedom. She had few government jobs at hand but decided to not to join and manage with my father's salary which was a mere amount at that time to manage the family. She saved every penny, by growing every vegetable at home - what we call organic today. The probiotic curd from the clay pots, the home made paneer, the rice from home mill, the milk from own desi cow , the home made ghee - everything is now considered more valuable than what you get in market - the key for good health. She tells me, she managed to buy fabrics and made saree out of it, because they could not afford to buy saree. But with all these challenges , she did her job right, working day in and out - upbring us with great discipline. She even taught us in the evening for 2-3 hours even, in lantern light, till we passed our Matric (10th board). She has made us the person I am today.

And the love to do anything for me at this age is what makes me feel privileged. Her love is different - all reflected in work. She never tells us I love you - but that is her culture - she shows what she can do for us. Her love and dedication for the family has made us where we are today. My father at the age of 80 still prefers food prepared by her. All those proprietary delicious food - we won't get in market to buy even.

Any place I go, I grab few sarees for her - I have taken her to many places, because she loves to travel even today. But she never asks me anything but to stay with her for more time. All she wants is my presence and even though I sometimes feel if she would be tired, but when I see the happiness in her face, I just let her do, whatever she wants. Thankfully, I have got the full support from my wife as well, to take care of our first God.

It hurts me when I see people of my age ignore their parents. I personally feel, we are probably the last generation, who has so much attachment with our parents as well as children. Our children may not have the same level of attachment for us, but we should never miss this opportunity to do what we can do for our parents. If you are with them, then make sure, you give highest precedence to things that should be done for them. If you are staying in a distance place, then try to visit them as often as you can. And if you cannot visit them even, then call them , speak for some time. All they want is your attention - at this age, nothing else attracts them.

My father was almost silent because of restrictions to his movements for this Corona pandemic. After a month of effort, he is slowly getting back to what he was - a cheerful person, always talking, laughing. One month back, he was not willing to get out of his room, and today he rode a scooty (two-wheeler) and went to the market to bring some medicines. He was adamant to go alone, but I did not allow him and went with him, sitting behind. I am not sure, if I will be able to spend similar moments with my kids, but these memories will cherish me for my entire life. And in the amazing greenness that covers our home, I also feel being healed from within.

Wish you all a Happy Parents day.















My father-in-law , still shining at the age of 70. He does 2 hours of Pranayam and has recovered from multiple factures in the spine and severe diabetics. Quite an inspiration, he came to drop me at home.


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