Massive London freedom rally dishonestly reported by MSM


I took this first image from the UK's Telegraph which used the following headline to describe the weekend march: "Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters descend on central London".

Having flicked through a six hour live stream of this event I can tell you with certainty that what we are looking at here is way more than thousands. Estimated as 1.5million by unofficial sources and they were not, as proposed by the Telegraph, marching against lockdowns. They were marching for their right to remain free, which encompasses a number of important issues.


Sky news demonstrate well in their coverage here how the core message of a protest can be avoided altogether by putting the attention on splinter groups and calling the protest "hard to define". I would go as far as to suggest these splinter groups were paid to be there for exactly this purpose. To provide photo ops for a media intent on misdirection.

I don't know who VOA News are but even with their drone they are unable to give us any wide shots so that we may gauge the true scope of this event.

And the wording which goes under their film is ridiculous:

Multiple protests were held Saturday in London, as demonstrators filled the streets over coronavirus restrictions, austerity measures and climate change.

Austerity & climate change? Seriously?

Here are the top three comments in response:

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If you want to watch the honest 6h live stream yourselves I have included it for you here. Thank goodness for decentralised platforms like Odysee, otherwise how would we see this stuff at all???

The revolution will not be televised

Speaking to a relative of mine a few weeks ago it was immediately evident she believed herself as a vaccine advocate to stand with the majority. And why would she believe any different when she trusts the mainstream media?

The only platforms upon which we can openly share and discuss truth are platforms she has never heard of, while the social media giants with whom she is familiar have made sure the world does not get to hear about the enormity of the opposition.


There is a total disconnect now between the media and reality so I do not for one moment believe the numbers they are telling us about how many people have received the jab. According to a report by the BBC today, 44 million people in the UK have now received at least one dose of a coronavirus jab. With a total UK population of 66 million that's a vast majority, if indeed you believe these numbers.


It's all a psychological game and they are not winning. Marches like this one in London wouldn't be happening if they were. But the number of people at this event isn't what makes it powerful. Rather it is the fact that pretty much all of these people are not wearing masks or social distancing and therefore likely don't believe we are in a pandemic. So where can we possibly go from here when so many people have totally lost faith not only in their government but also by default in the government of all countries who are supporting this tyranny? The answer to this question will likely not be pretty as the governments of the world would rather use their armed forces against their own people than admit their wrongdoings.

I marched in London against the Iraq war many years ago and it would give me great pleasure to be back in the city at this time in history. Yet there is always a sense that it is a trap and I should probably just stay focused on growing food in the mountains.


But seriously my friends, can we really win against an enemy such as this?

Wouldn't it be better to focus our energy on that which we can can control, like where to plant our tomatoes or how to store them in oil when they are ripe? Things which could make the difference between life and death as our growing seasons get shorter with each passing year and our traditional food supply hangs in the balance on the brink of collapse.

What a powerful feeling it must be to march against tyranny in such numbers, but what difference can it really make when the majority of the world trust the mainstream media so will never even know it happened?

I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Love & Light 🌱


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