COVID-19 Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol

Another ambulance appeared next to my home the other day. My wife and I hear at least 3-5 ambulances a day going by our home, no exaggeration. In addition I have 3 family members who have recently come down with serious, deadly health issues. They are all vaccinated and boosted. Since I am not and have been keenly dialed into COVID since Jan. 2020, I decided I had to help them, or at least offer them the information I know of. I hope this post will help you or people you know who are having sudden health issues. That is my goal, to help you help others. So, let's get started.

This first treatment protocol comes from the FLCCC Alliance(Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance), a non-profit started in March 2020 by among others, Dr. Paul Marik & Dr. Pierre Kory.
It is a protocol for the professional provider more so than the individual.

The next protocol is from the World Council of Health and is geared more for the individual to cleanse their bodies.

I have been practicing some of these treatments since 2020, especially the zinc & quercetin routine, but also getting much more physically fit than I have ever been in my life.

One treatment that surprised me is intermittent fasting. According to several doctors fasting is a way to cleanse your body of damaged cells, misc. proteins and other things that can cause your body problems. My wife has been doing 12-16hr fasting almost everyday for about 1 year. She has immense energy that I envy so I'm going to start doing the 12hr. fasting, then shoot for 16hr.

Anyway, I hope this helps you improve your health, defense against viruses & illness and offers hope to those of you injured or people you know who have been injured.

Of course, as the Dr.s have noted, this is information purposes only. You should consult your healthcare provider if any of this is right for you. If they laugh, maybe you should contact FLCCC for a Dr. who can offer a second opinion.

Thanks for reading!

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