This picture shows slaves cutting the sugarcane on the Island of Antigua, in the year 1823. I don't want to write much about the past because slavery in the twenty-first century is even worse than it was two centuries before.

To serve a distant slave Lord, you no longer need to be tied, whipped and dragged like an animal. We breathe, drink, eat, and sleep with servitude.

The slave masters of the twenty-first century do not wield physical whips; instead, they wield a pen, and they sit within the corridors of power, diverting the common riches to their far-off offshore accounts with a stroke of the pen. Nigeria has some of the highest maternal mortality rates in Africa, and in a larger sense, the globe, due to our massive population.

The slave masters of the twenty-first century are those who close down the four walls of the university while campaigning and hosting political razztamania festivals (this is currently happening in Nigeria), while young bright students who should be studying and learning skills to transform the already battered economy stroll and sleep at home.

The slave masters of the twenty-first century are those who control the city's key, and they're out in force to fool the same teenagers they've abandoned for eight years or more. They will kiss you and bite you with their signature in exchange for your vote. They'll throw you crumbs and bones during elections and use public monies to send their children to the top universities.


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Consider being given a to-do list and being told that you should get started marking items off as soon as possible. You start making your way through the list with trepidation. One of the first things on your list should be to submit your résumé for a mundane desk job. You wished to be an inventor and possibly start your own company, but this person laughs at the mere suggestion because you could never do it.

The pest will not leave you alone, even when you retire to bed. They chatter incessantly as they stand by the bed, picking apart the events of the day in minute detail, bringing up past events, and telling you that you should be concerned about this or that in the future.

You'd be quite justified in telling this guy to "shut up!"

You probably wouldn't want to be around this person or think they're very nice, but many of us let our minds treat us like this, or worse, daily without realizing it. Our mind is a very powerful tool, we can either use it rightly or be used by it.

Breaking free from the slavery of the mind, thinking properly, and moving beyond it;

1. Put yourself to the test:

To develop logical arguments for opposing views and theories, use your reasoning capacity against them. Recognize your biases by being honest with yourself.

2. Pay attention to what you're thinking:

Develop self-awareness and mindfulness to learn to study your thinking. Challenge your assumptions and their sources regularly. Be willing to examine your conditioning. Begin with a desire for the truth, whatever it may be. Meditation and mindfulness practices are excellent tools for accomplishing this.

3. Recognize the impact that specific words have on you:

Take note of which words elicit strong emotions or reactions in you. Identify words that have additional significance for you or that may have a different meaning for others. This will help you listen more objectively and respond less quickly.

4. Any genuine authority should be questioned:

Stop thinking and speaking with words like "authority" and "expert." This isn't about a lack of respect; it's about never allowing someone else to make decisions for you.

5. Examine your tendency of listening to fear's suggestions:

Look beyond your fears for new ideas and assumptions. Purposefully go through your fear and do what you're afraid of. Stop feeding fear and start thinking and acting against it.


Refuse to be tight to anyone, not even the government of nations. Learn to use your mind rightly in achieving anything. There is so much you can do with your mind power. Do not be limited to what you learn in school. Bring out the best from within you.


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