Which type are you, 1. Spend and immediately collect reward OR 2. Spend and collect reward later?

Hi everyone,

I recently noticed that in my frequent used e-wallet I haven't been collecting my points reward immediately after making purchases.


As you can see, the rewards uncollected have now accumulated to 54 uncollected for the past 3 weeks. The points are untouched and won't be penalized. The only downside is that the points will not be added into your points for as long as you are not redeeming them.


Why did I point this out?

Well, I noticed that it has become my habit to not immediately collecting the points upon using my e-wallet to make purchases.

On the other hand, I noticed that my wife will collect the point upon making purchases using the same e-wallet.

Hence, I deduced that, it goes back to the behaviour of the individual. There are some who likes to collect things and redeem them immediately and there are those who will accumulate first and enjoy the rewards later, just like me.

There are no side effects being either one, but it might has significance with human behaviour or the individual habits.

Who knows, this might relate with other behaviour or psychological behaviour of humans.

Which are you then? What is your thought about this?

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