Voila: An AI photo editor apps that is worth it!

Hi everyone,

I know there are literally like thousands of photo editor apps available on the Play Store, Apple Store and Huawei Apps Store.

To be honest, I too am quite picky especially when it comes to using particular apps.

But, TRUST ME! This apps is going to be worth it!

Bdw, I had some time to spare which I utilized to review this apps during our Total Lockdown and it was a time spent well.

Before I dig into the features and functionalities of Voila, here is one of the result exported from the app.


I really dig the caricature effect of Voila because the result is almost the one I have been looking for. Not perfect but it showed the result I was searching for which is quite near to the one made by an artist.

Voila, an AI photo editor


I guess most of the new photo editors comes with an Artificial Intelligence or more like an Augmented Reality photo effects. But Voila really nailed with its AR effects!


Voila is pretty much straight forward apps with a friendly UI. Upon opening the apps, you will immediately see a few AR effects which is kind a cool.

Cool AR effects: 2D, 3D, Renaissance and Caricature

At the UI, you will see 4 notable AR effects which I actually find really cool.

Here are the effects which I seperated them according to its respective interface.


2D cartoon effects which gives you that old school cartoon effects like Tom & Jerry.


3D cartoon effects which gives you that much modern cartoon effects such as How to train your Dragon.


Renaissance effects which gives you that old century effect alongside with how the photo looks like during that era.


Caricature effects gives you that funky caricature.

My personal thought

The caricature effect is the effect that I find really cool. I really dig in this effect.

While all the AR effects is really cool, the downside of Voila is of course the annoying ads and the In-app purchases. While there are limited functionalities for free version such as unsupported group photo and editing, all in all, it is still really cool to use as a free version.


This are some of the options it provides depending on your preferences that includes Hah, Lol, and Baby.


I have tested them on my kids and my wife and the result is quite cool. My wife is also picky at using photo editing apps but even she is impressed with the result.

We might end up printing a few caricatured photos and frame them up.

I might also mint some photos to be added at my NFT collection, lol!

Well, that's about it and Happy Friday!

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