💤🥱How A Really, Really, Really Heavy Blanket is Helping Me Catch Some Zzzzzz.....😴🛌🏼


My dear man has been talking about weighted blankets for a long time, wondering if they'd help me sleep or help with my anxiety. He knows that I like sleeping with something on top of me, because it helps me feel secure. I wasn't sure about them, to be honest, maybe because it seemed like another gimmick and I haven't had time to even think about it. Plus, I've been so sleep poor I haven't had time to think about it.

The hubs and I sleep in separate beds. It's not because we don't totally love each other, that's for sure - those that knows us know we are super in love and lust after twenty years of togetherness, which is something. It's just I've always liked my space, and I wake really easily. I also like to sleep with the blinds open so I can see the stars, and he's more photosensitive. I make his bed in the morning, and he always makes mine before I go to bed - a strange arrangement, but his room is more visible and we share the same clothes space and ensuite, and I like it looking lovely and neat. My room's more of a nest hidden at the other end of the house. He likes to make it before I go to bed because he throws a hot water bottle in there too, so he notices when I don't sleep very well because the blankets have all been a tangled, like a mad person has been sleeping there.

And if you don't sleep well, you'd know just how mad you feel. I've been a mess lately, full of brain fog and nausea and irritability. It's hormonal, and due to stress, of course. I'm hoping I feel better after quitting work.

The bed before we took away the west windows as they made the room too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Cue the gift of a weighted blanket.

It's heavy - you really feel like you are under a weight. It felt odd, at first, but four nights later, I'm feeling pretty good BECAUSE I HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN SLEEPING MOST OF THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT. Cue fireworks, drums and all the hallelujahs!

These blankets are inspired by a therapy called deep pressure stimulation. It used controlled and firm pressure to create feelings of calm (these blankets are often called calming blankets). This study found that, for people with generalised anxiety disorder, bipolar and other psychiatric issues that:

there was a significant advantage in Insomnia Severity Index ratings of the weighted blanket intervention over the light blanket...intervention by the weighted blanket resulted in a significantly better sleep-maintenance, a higher daytime activity level, and reduced daytime symptoms of fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Like any alternative treatments, there's still much study to be done. However, it's meant to calm an overactive nervous system, which in turn helps prepare the body for sleep. The even weight and pressure can really help ground and calm that fight or flight response.

The main bedroom.

They can cost up to $300 odd dollars, but I know the husband got mine from Kmart for $49.00. It weighs 7kg, but you can get much heavier ones as well - I'm not sure I could deal with much heavier to be honest! But so far, the verdict is - wow. I feel grounded, held, secure and calm alright with this covering me, and would recommend it for anyone who's struggling to fall asleep. Like anything, do your research - it's not a miracle cure, and might not work for everyone. I combine this with melatonin which I take before bedtime AND a good cup of homemade herbal tea, because if I don't sleep, I will cry.

My only complaint really is that it's a dull grey, which is a really unfun kinda look. But that's what you get for fifty bucks, right? There's some really lovely knitted ones if you hunt around, but you pay a lot more for the look. Hence why I'm happy to throw the doona over the blanket so it's hidden!

Who cares right, as long as I get SLEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!

Do you suffer insomnia?

Have you got a weighted blanket, and does it help you?

Would you try one?

With Love,


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