HIVE TOKENS Contest Weekend Winners - Prizes 4x More Than Initially Stated



It's Saturday and it's time to GET YOUR prizes for the CONTEST - 5 POB, 5 LEO, 5 Hive or 50 LERN or Whatever Other 5 Second-layer Token!




But before that, can I be a little self-centered and attention-seeker and tell you about my day?
Not all of it, yeah!

I had to work on the online marketing plan for the organizational project I am working on with John, one of my clients. Serious deal to get him set by autumn when I am back.

What did I do?

โ–ถ๏ธ Pleased the 3 cats as they wished, fulfilled their every wish until I felt stupid for being played by them.

โ–ถ๏ธ Been on the phone with a friend to fix some July steps for one of our trips, deep diving, beach, tents, etc...if this will be possible for me.

โ–ถ๏ธ Mindlessly ate something I didn't quite enjoy and I am thinking to cook something good...different from the roasted chicken and stuff from yesterday.


โ–ถ๏ธ Played some Raising Star with my @regeneretta account

~my account

โ–ถ๏ธ I went into Empire Kred to recover some lost time and made some new investments, bought a good share of about 80mil eaves. I still have to go sell some stocks these days from inactive accounts, that don't pay dividends anymore.


~my account with erased infoโซ

Eh! Enough about me!

Or you want MORE?

Regarding this contest we had over the last week, I was happy to read everyone's comments and posts and decided that I want to offer MORE.
This is the reason why ...

I have chosen 4 winners!

200 LERN Tokens were distributed equally to each winner!

@kyleana Congrats on a great story!
@racemlaadhar You got your 10x 5 because it happens so rarely that men open up. This only shows that you have so much strength. Bravo!
@kimavalon You are a survivor like us all, and the fact that you had the power to share such a personal climax, hybris moment with us, means a lot!
@antoniarhuiz I know exactly what it means to treasure each moment with a soul we love. Your simple participation said so much in that picture and a few words.

THANK YOU ALL for participating!

Just one of the winners stated what token he wants as a prize so I AM SENDING YOU EACH 50 LERN! RIGHT NOW!



Congrats to all who have engaged in this contest!

@regenerette wishes you a nice Saturday!

Feel free to check out the new LERN tribe on their front-end!

They're free, open-minded, relaxed, and I see a good future for this place!
Now you have some LERN tokens to start engaging with others!


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