Heading to the weekend

Hello hivers friends,

Introduce I'm usually called dear and I feel we will be close if the call is affection. considering it's my first time joining this community. I hope someone accepts me even with my very simple post. Isn't making friends a fun thing dear?. For me, yes, if a friend is on the frequency and can make the atmosphere comfortable. different from making friends if you have to, surely you will not care about whatever happens to other people. although in the heart it is moved, but if there is no intense closeness, you will be reluctant to channel it. Okay, now we agree yes to call each other dear. Now I want to ask how are you guys on this Saturday, are you okay dear? I found strange things while living this week, which was last Friday, why is it odd? it turned out that last friday was very different from the usual fridays. I feel tired because of fasting, it's summer here so it really disturbs my activities a little at that time.

Why does time feel fast, just yesterday I felt sad but now I feel like I have forgotten the sadness that I experienced yesterday. I don't know why it feels like there isn't anything too burdensome when it comes to romance. but i just want to be happy. Have I entered the adult phase? adults who don't tend to think about one thing at a time. Then I also feel sincere with my current situation. hello dear are you busy today? Tomorrow is the weekend, do you have any vacation plans?

Last week I just went shopping and I didn't go on vacation anywhere. I found a few things I needed and I was relieved to be able to buy them with my own money. but it does cost a lot of money once shopping. but for needs it is necessary. sometimes there are many desires but I am much more concerned with needs.




This shop is very simple but crowded because the price is more affordable than others. even though it's far from my boarding house but I still go there because I really like it and it's complete. although I passed many shops along the way to get there. Do you like going to the mall dear? I rarely go to the mall. can be counted only a few times. I am very tired if I have to walk very far. so I chose to go straight to the point of what to buy. so it won't take very long.

OK dear. that's all I want to tell you I hope tomorrow there are plans to go somewhere but I plan to go home because tomorrow is off work. the distance is only 2 hours but I am very tired because I use a motorbike. for good things may come to our lives, dear. have a nice weekend.. see you. Enjoooyyyyy


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