How I got vaccinated


Today I finally decided to do needful as requested by Government and for my own good too.

I have been so scared of taking the covid 19 vaccination due to the numerous complaints and videos I have been seeing online..

Some videos where I saw someone's shoulder emitting light when a bulb is placed and it was said to be after he got vaccinated, some videos showed how some people were given wrong those which turned disastrous.

As at last month, I have been making enquiries form my colleagues in the office that have taken the vaccine, asking if they felt anything strange, some said some silly things jokingly that made me scared and some advised me to go do it that nothing bad happening to me..

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Today I decided to brace up and go for my first dose.
I registered and went to the said location and I was number 2 on the queue but something strange happened..

There was crowd and we were told to go and eat very well if we haven't, I haven't eaten but if I leave there I might not be able to get my number "2" again and I have to wait for the long queue...

I lied that I have eaten, from then I started getting scared, after number 1 took the shot, I went ahead to take my own shot of ASTRAZENECA..

I was asked to wait for 15 minutes after the dose before I could leave, and here I am getting scared because I didn't eat, I disobeyed again because I was scared that I might collapse before that 15 minutes so I need to escape and get something to eat..

See how I ate two bowls of rice because of fear🤣🤣...

I'm back home now, checking myself to be sure that I'm okay..

May God help me

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