POB is a variable income asset!

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted here on Pob, I confess that the drop in the value of tokens discouraged me a lot.

So I think it's worth remembering that proofobrain tokens are variable income and should be treated as such.

for those who don't know what variable income is, I'll try to explain briefly.

When we are talking about finance there are 4 categories, which serve as the basis for any analysis.

Liabilities x Assets
variable x fixed

Liability is anything that generates an expense, for example that pizza with the family, this is a liability, you exchange your money for a pizza, consume it and be happy with a full stomach. It doesn't bring you any kind of benefit or financial return, so the liabilities work, you spend money on them and it doesn't come back to you.

Pizza can be considered a variable liability, as its price can change depending on what flavor you order, or you can choose not to eat pizza that week.

Pizza = variable liabilities

A car is also a liability (except in some exceptions) a car you pay an amount x you use and it then sells for a lower amount than you paid, not to mention that you have several fixed and variable expenses, scheduled maintenance (fixed) gasoline (variable) among others.

Now let's go to assets

Assets are things that you put your money into and it returns you an amount greater than what you invested (profit), either through income from a business, or interest through financial investments.

However, assets have the risk of you investing and losing money.

The risk is as much for losing as for winning.

Liabilities are risk-free, you already spend with the certainty that you have already lost that money.

Fixed income assets.

Fixed income assets are those investments where you put an amount x and over time, you receive interest or fixed remuneration agreed in advance.

Your work as an employee is a fixed income asset, you invest your time it returns you money and while you are working you will receive that fixed income established in the employment contract.

Fixed income applications also exist in the financial market.

Variable assets are those investments that you have fluctuations over time.

Post on Pob, for those who see how an investment is a variable asset. Whoever won 100 pob for a publication 3 months ago, if they were going to sell their tokens today they would receive more or less half of what they did back then.

Variable assets should never be treated as fixed income, this is one of the biggest mistakes any investor can make.

There are variable assets that are more predictable than others, due to a series of factors, such as a history of price fluctuations over time, among others.

That's why when we're dealing with variable income, it's important to calculate forecast scenarios, negative, neutral and positive, and plan how to behave in each of them. Then, when a certain scenario happens, you just need to do what was already planned, always reassessing, but not getting carried away by emotions, because they usually make you lose money.

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