sher-LOCK-ed (naive post about locks and crypto)

My friend @alechi recently was teasing me constantly showing me pictures of 'eternal love' locks that we was discovering in his location. With some of them being quite impressive - one of them was even a special construction, a tree created from iron rails, intended especially to grab and keep those 'signs'.

Actually, I did not shared yet my stuff, but I do love to shoot locks. And this post will bring to light some proof-pics for this.


As for the reasons - believe me or not, I dont know myself!

Some sort of stuff I just love by heart, on a subconscious level ... like the doors, for example (or mushrooms). I cannot walk past a beautiful door without takeing a picture of it. But on the other hand, I can quite easily walk past a beautiful car without holding my breath, and feel no desire to unholster the camera and take a picture ... I really don’t know why.


Yin + Yang! Why I photographed this castle, I can say for sure: it's a great symbol! Symbol within a symbol. Therefore, I think that this picture may surely be needed by someone, yes, I photographed it not because I like this castle - but because it is a good candidate for a stock photo. That's why.


This (obviously) is a special heart-shaped lock, never intended to lock something 'real'. (I wonder, what are the sales figures for this?..) It was created purely for thus symbolic and decorative function. Funny thing, isnt it?


Googly eyes. Some of the locks (they often have a key slot, screws, etc you know) are a great opportunity to "see faces." And thats totally my stuff. I really love this #googlyeye challenge, which was popular on our previous blockchain, and we even have a dedicated GooglyEyes community, although it hasn't been very active over the past year. I hope that the state of affairs may change any time, and @fraenk will return to us and inspire us for further fruitful researches.


In the Russian alphabet, E is not the very last letter, it would be much more symbolic if instead of 'Э' there was the letter 'Я'. It would also turn out to be an excellent symbol (as in Alpha and Omega).



Collages. Locks are great for doing collages, as they add this 'extra sense' to a given image. I actually photographed this bunch of locks connected by one chain in order to donate it for free use within the #LMAC challenge here, on Hive - but I'm always lazy to make an actual post :)


location: St.Petersburg, Russia 2021 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 150mm raw-conv
f/2.8 t 1/125 ISO 125 --

Vintage stuff. And perhaps the last but not least: I really love vintage and old textures ... worn out by life, made by human hands but faded, cracked, craquelured, not shiny. I like to watch how nature by its own means levels, polishes, polishes what people have done, brings them into equilibrium with the rest of nature. (Don't we all love this? ..) Well, locks usually hang in one place for a long time, age and die there, at their workplace ... In fact, that's why I photograph castles.

И последнее, но не в последнюю очередь: я люблю винтаж и текстуры... потрепанное жизнью, сделанное руками человека, но не блестящее, потускневшее, потресканное, с кракелюрами. Мне нравится смотреть, как природа своими средствами нивелирует, полирует, шлифует то что сделали люди, приводит в равновесное состояние с остальной природой. Ну и замки как правило долго висят на одном месте, стареют и умирают на своем рабочем месте... Bот почему на самом деле я фотографирую замки.

All of the photos above are my captures. if you would like to dig into it more deeply (far, far more)... here is a link for you. Search for Byzantine locks, and you simply will be enchanted! Photos below of course are not mine, and I dont have any copyright on them.


Another question that buzzed my head for a while, is tokens.

I have accumulated a load of crypto tokens from Hive ecosystem I cant part with, and they are just sitting in my stack, most of the time doing nothing.


Quite recently I've stumbled upon some examples what other Hiveans do with them (if i remember correctly, it was @melinda010100 's post that inspired me - thanx, Melinda!), and I decided simply to follow.

  • my nice little CCC token I delegated to @cccf (and receive payments in same token weekly)
  • I tried to delegate my tiny LEO stake to a few different accounts, getting me nowhere, I adjusted it a few times, and currently have it delegated to @brofi, which gives me tiny daily income in BRO tokens (which are profitable and can be sold at H-E).
  • And all the rest of my token ballast: STEM, SPACO, LOTUS, JAHM, ASH, SH, WAIV,-- including POB and PAL -- I delegated in the same way to @brofi, with very same consequences. I would gladly accept any #financialadvise or tips on a better token policy for this stuff.

Also, I am quite intrested if anybody more financial-wise could enlight me, to know what have happened to PAL?.. I used to add #palnet to all of my posts, but noticed it stopped bringing me any PAL income. Have no idea why.

What happened, I wonder? maybe there were some adjustments in the tribe policy I am not aware of...


All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie
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