Like Licking Honey on a Sharp Knife

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For all of us, eating good food is a great pleasure, but when we become full, the stomach hurts and the body feels so heavy. Likewise, when we go to parties and drink alcoholic beverages with friends, it must be fun. But after the next morning, the head felt dizzy and tired. It's the same when having sex with a husband or wife, pleasure in intercourse feels very good, but after orgasm, lust becomes bland and the body becomes weak.

That's the worldly pleasures we feel. Pleasure is short-lived and not eternal. Of all the pleasures that we feel, of course, there is a price that we must pay dearly. It's like licking honey on a sharp knife. We can taste the sweet taste but our tongue will be injured and bleed. What's worse, if we are addicted to enjoying honey on a sharp knife. Desires that are not realized will give pain to the mind, and desires that are realized will make us greedy.

Desires that are realized or not realized will be a disappointment that will make us suffer. Usually, the desire that comes true will make the suffering even greater. We never realize that the failure of desire is a blessing. We are spared the bullet of suffering but we consider it a failure.

In this world, all things can change and nothing lasts forever. The taste that pleases us will turn out to be bland and tasteless. The human mind is always changing and not fixed. When a feeling makes someone happy but can turn into disgust.

The pursuit of pleasure will only make you tired because you will experience ups and downs in the pattern of life. The thing that must be underlined is, you will not get peace from pleasure. To find true peace and happiness, you have to live life as it is. Love and hate just become a background that is no longer meaningful. The last message from this post is "Don't lick honey on a sharp knife"

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