I may not be very good at writing but with what life has taught me I'm going to be looking at things from a different perspective due to the people around me and to what I've seen in the my community or the society at large so far.

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we all have these different definition about who people are truly are, people try to judge each other based on their beliefs ,while some go to the extent of judging defining who others are cause of the ethnic groups they are from .

But after looking at all this views and opinions,have gotten to know that their is a me you think I am and their is a me I am myself,which means have have this freedom of saying who you are from afar.

arguably people tend to do this maybe due to the fact that their opinions or views about life is quite different from such person own,which to me should not be so.i grew up with this wonderful statement that ;
we should not all be seeing life from the same direction,which means our views and take on life should be quite different from each other.

but as a result of the above statement many tend to think people with different views on life are different entirely and at times they tend to judge them base on the this.

but to me I strongly believe that it doesn't matter who people think you are,the most important thing is who you are to yourself and how being you as been helpful to your take and progress in life.

Their is a you that even the world can't define

I hope to keep on improving on my writing skills

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