Proofofbrain the home of all tribes

After a month and some days here it is very clear to me that life should have just be the same way this community is right now,I can vididly say that proofofbrain is a home for everyone.

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With lot of exciting gist to see and lovely post to comment on,to me and base on my opinion have really see that one of the major purpose of @proofofbrain as been totally achieved,cause this as servers as a way of bringing different people across the globe together without any form of racism

I sincerely speak out that the community as been so interesting and even with lot of exciting contest and task to handle,most especially the recent one from @onealfa and @hranhuk on geo challenge really teaches me what finding solutions to life issues might be at times,it requires a lot of skills and qualities

Definitely this community to me as really build people and even helped most of us to actually gain one or two things.

it as given everyone the chance to come out of their hiding place and invest in themselves and even get a better life,it is very rare to my understanding to see they kind of good community like this anywhere and I must say that @proofofbrain to me deserved some accolades for setting up a Mini school where to get to learn and become a better people.

I see this community as a means of unity and a community that as nothing to with tribalism or racism ,the one family attitude is the key to progress base on my view.

I always stand with this community always

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