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I worked up this morning thinking about how life as been so fair and so hard too,I looked at life in both side , especially base on my understanding of looking at life and things from both side which am well known for and I will say have been highly motivated to write alot this days , maybe due to happening around me and what have seen,even the understanding of people around me at times makes me smile and I woke up with a smile this morning with the word Fight your battle

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Have seen how people create enemy for themselves not really because they are the one in question ,but they are the type that push away their focus and start pushing other's goals,leaving thier behind--Fight your own battle.

it is very clear how people are diverted from thier own goals,in which as limited them to a certain position in life,we all need to understand that life has a way of humbling people irrespective the level of arrogance you have.

one deadly understanding while growing up is that we tend to create fight with everyone our parents are not in good terms with, it is not our battle ,but I want to believe that this as also affected lot of people today,cause they have become enemy to people that should help them,just because someone close to them is having issues with such person.

you won't go anywhere in life if you don't understand that it is love your neighbor as yourself and not loving your neighbor than yourself, limitations don't only come by not working hard or having a good dream,it also comes when you have refused to push your life first,,learn to fight your own battle first.

you don't put the issue of your life in a basket and carried someone else own on your head.

Understand that we can't be friends or be good in everyone story,but you don't hate on people to who as not offended you just because of what you heard or the fact that your close person is hating such person too, learn to fight your own battle too.

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