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It is unlike me to always do this in my post,but permit me to say a big commendations to @proofofbrain for bringing up a very wonderful platform like this, where lot of people have been able to identify their potential and even some are getting to know that life has lot in it when you are open to learn new things

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Trust we are all enjoying and coping with the situation of life and just to let you know that for no reason should give you up,life is not meant to be fair at times ,but you just have to be very determined and focus in achieving your goals

This is not a charge this morning,but am seeing it as a wake up call that nothing should ever stop you in going for what you want in life,it is very Normal for you to get criticized or bad mouthed by some people while trying to achieve your goals,you don't have to worry about that, cause the good boy always end up getting all the whole fault later

Always have the mindset that you deserved a good life and kindly push for it and of all don't forget to always have this greatest believe that

If they can,you can

Which means nothing is to big for you to achieve in life and never stop chasing your dreams.

That is for the charge area,let me just push this to us this morning,maybe as a question or let me ask for your opinion on it

We have different people in life and honestly as a result of that we are meant to see things in different ways,even just like my believe also we are not meant to see things in the Same manners,which means our opinion should very different

But inspite of this will still have people that their views and opinions on issues is one way traffic,they don't reason on two sides and to me this is very damaging especially when it comes to giving their jurisdiction on issues

My question is how do you deal with people that thier level of thinking is fixed on one side, people who always see things from their own way of thinking alone

which I have answers to this,but I still very much believed that the best place to get answers to my question I coming to the community to do that,it might not have been a content that you all want,but at least it will bring up solutions to people questions which are yet to be answered.

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