Never for once have I see myself as a relationship expert in life,cause I strongly believe that all what happens in life needs a process to actually come to it end ,but I felt this vibes in me this morning and I was very much conerrn that pushing this to the community won't be a bad idea.

To me it's not a factor that affect partners alone as some people might want to say or not the introvert or extrovert part of life as some might also want to claim too,but a hurtful habit that can stop peoples progress and hinder them from having a flow and free intimacy with people cause of the level of understanding or what they tend to see as been patience. what are mine talking about,it is all about the word RESENTMENT

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Some individual seems to have a different view to it by calling it the ac of making peace,but to me it goes beyond that I see it

bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly

Resentment is a very dangerous toxic poison that kills relationship and intimacy with people when it is not release,we all need to find a way to let thing's that matters or things that makes us feel bad out when we are unfairly treated

To me it is very wrong to say it is a way of making peace especially when will feel hurt or get angry as good as keeping quiet in terms of anger might sound,but coming out to speak is another thing that is vital and making our feeling known too in time like that is very vital.

I strongly believe that it is not a crime to know how to manage pepe or things around us,but it becomes a bad thing to keep things to hurt us to to ourselves, cause they might lead us to commiting offence that are deadly later in life if care is not taking.

we should learn to speak out,no one dies when they express their feelings

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