Introducing Proof of Brain Token (POB) – Whitepaper

As cryptocurrency adoption and use continue to grow, more people will see the value in censorship resistant social media on the blockchain, especially when they can earn crypto.

Now that crypto is infecting the hive mind, Proof of Brain (PoB) is the most innovative form of mining that has the potential to be understood, appreciated, and utilized by the masses.

The design of POB token is inspired by Bitcoin, Hive, and LeoFinance.


POB is a pure 100% Proof of Brain (PoB) token meaning that the only way the token enters circulation is through PoB rewards that are earned by posting and by curating content with POB staked. 1 token has been issued to @proofofbrainio to enable staking. There will be no more POB tokens issued except through PoB rewards. Like Bitcoin, rewards are reduced by 50% every 4 years.

There are no proof of mining or proof of stake rewards. There will be no tokens issued to a founder or a team. There is a 10% beneficiary percentage when posting on Funds from the beneficiary rewards will be used to maintain

POB has a total supply of 21 million tokens with linear rewards split 50/50 to author and curators. For the first 42 million Hive blocks, the reward pool will distribute 10 tokens every 40 blocks which is 50 tokens approximately every 10 minutes. POB can be burned to promote your post on


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