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Milk fish recently caught in the Philippines

When you usually hear "magna carta" it might be your historically inaccurate realitive try to use it as a scapegoat for their ramblings, but the term is much more than that.

Sen. Sonny Angara wrote Senate Bill 135, "which has been consolidated along with similar measures into Senate Bill 2369, he said this would ensure the rights of Filipino seafarers will be upheld and they will be given protection under existing laws."

  • the right to just terms and conditions of work

  • right to self-organization

  • engage in collective bargaining (Elon Musk should take a hint on this one)

  • participate in democratic exercises

  • right to educational advancement and training at a reasonable cost

  • right against discrimination

  • to be protected against all forms of harassment and bullying

"Filipino seafarers will also be provided with various perks and minimum standards of employment, including compulsory benefits like decent accommodation, sanitation, recreation and food facilities."

These rights should not have to be debated. Yet, they are to some degree in many if not all parts of the world.

The global fishing industry has much more than overfishing to deal with.

Read the article from PhilStar Global via MSN :

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