Distant: Reflecting Beyond The Limitless Horizon

What does the word distant mean to you?

Distant can be reflected through various angles of life. Personally, distant connotes self-reflection and my meaningful connections in life. It’s a matter of reflecting myself beyond the limitless horizon as I think deeply about my existence literally and figuratively.

Distant connotes self-reflection.

How I dream of a foreign star in a far imaginary space. My mind travels as far because it is through reflecting beyond the limitless horizon. A bit like a dreamer that set no boundaries on all things that are worth to wait even longer, I’m a distant star.


I-am a distant star.

A-hopeful spheroid along with the
M-oon floating through the sky.

A-flash of me is either bright or dull.

D-uring gloomy days of life,
I-am clouded in the dark.
S-orrow and despair
T-ediously embrace me but
A-strong positive reflection
N-ever let me drift into
T-he home of the hopeless.

S-hining stars hold my wishes
T-hrough the trying times with
A- lusterless sparkle that
R-eflects an illusion of sunshine.

When it is daytime, stars are missing and the sparkle of lights at a distance may be very hard to catch but I never lose hope.

Between losing and winning times, I take courage in grasping the bright light leading to the ropes of hope and faith, while believing that difficult times will turn into better days along with a fair day through the immense, luminescent clouds, and a glorious mountain.

Standing firm despite every life struggle that comes my way may not be so easy, but I am striving hard to carry on in order to survive a tough life. There are times when I feel hopeless but never in my wildest dreams to dwell in the home of the hopeless.

I admit that I’m losing my energy for some time but whenever I look at the beautiful horizon, I get fear before my dreams die in the castles of the air. Perhaps I am a dreamer and I love chasing my dreams. A distant star is who I am.

I’m like a silent star in space waiting for the right moment. In as important are dreams are far down to grasp, stars are indeed more difficult to reach, yet it only takes a flexible heart to understand an enduring process.

Once upon a time, I am a distant star, and it is only in the darkness wherein I have seen the brightest sparkles of light, believing that I could dive the sky through the worst days of my life. Dispensable to say, the darkest time has been my great teacher.

Quietly, in a diverse meadows of the horizon, the language of a distant star will continue to work in progress despite being clouded in the darkness until the end of time. Also, when going through the roughly tough times of life, I may be at my weakest but I am never giving up and I am never losing the passion to continually move forward come what may.

Distant connotes a meaningful connection.

Every so often, my imaginations are from from reality but through a meaningful connection despite distance, life becomes happier. And that distant for me connotes my reflection about life while I see it at a distance through a meaningful connection.

One of the saddest effects in my life is feeling how I become so distant with my departed loved ones. Heaven and Earth have heard the loudest screams and cries of anguish and despair through the fallen night.

They may feel to be close to me like invisible angels yet I felt so distant with them most especially my dearest sister Erika who cannot be with me presently. And now, space and time separated us, leaving no further sound and twinkle.

Still, while life remains, getting distant with my friends across the world means just a bit when someone means so important to me. Just like then in Hive community, no words could express how thankful I am to find real connections from distant friends.

Indeed if all are of thousands of long hauls down from me, and indeed even if I haven’t met everyone in person, I truly felt the love, care, and support of an amazing community, not to mention during the time when my sister Erika passed away, and I was so blessed to accept all kinds of support morally, emotionally, and financially, I never expected I would receive from Hive community.

Also, a distant friend I met in Hive community sent me a gift the other day, all the way from Luzon, Philippines. At present, I am living in Mindanao, so I am really so far from her, and she is no other than @labanez , who is an art-enthusiast. I just knew her a month ago, but with a short span of time, we became real friends virtually.

I was even more touched when she had joined the server of HivePH with the intention of connecting with me, and other friends in the community.

She personally painted a bag for me with Psalm 34:18 bible verse, which is a scripture for the brokenhearted.

She really knew that I was in deep pain, and she could felt what I have been through since she was also an older sister who loves her younger sister just like how I love Erika. She cannot really imagine how I lost my sister in a most tragic and traumatic way while we were both waiting for the bus, wherein I am the only one who was saved.

The parcel arrived at an unexpected moment through an LBC courier when the weather was fine and cloudy. A man riding a motorcycle came and handed me the parcel.

Needless to say, a personalized craft with a bible verse of mending touched my heart. It was wrapped in white with a customized sticker showing that is was for me.

Meanwhile, I connected with her through Discord while thanking her personally about the surprise she sent to me. She told me that it was very simple. But for me this was very priceless. After all, it is the thought that counts, and no other piece of price or monetary value could replace it.

And here is the beautiful craft that she made for me.

Perhaps it is her way of comforting me through an artistic expression of love and care.

Not only her, but there is also another distant friend named Samantha Adele from afar whom I met in another blogging platform four months ago when I sounded to be anonymous. Who would have thought that I would be here in the blogging world. My life back then was more focused on improving my self professionally.

Although I am into writing but I was never so sure of myself when it comes to blogging, yet it was my distant friend Sam, who had encouraged me to write more even during the time when I was still in another writing platform, that used to be our rendezvous.

We have not yet met in person but I could deeply feel her sincerity to me with a real warmth. She came to the rescue and provided me with an immense and overwhelming support with her HP delegation so I could get going on Hive.

I am really in awe for all the inspiration and motivation that I was able to receive from her as I continue my journey here in Hive. She may be a distant friend but I greatly believe that she is my catalyst, for she was able to touch my life.

In addition, I am forever grateful to HivePH community with all my distant friends who never failed to amaze me with their kindest gestures through an overwhelming friendship that is one of a kind. I have truly witnessed a stronger Bayanihan Spirit in this haven despite being a thousands of miles apart. It is not just a community but it is like an amazing sanctuary for me. Perhaps I never get distant but I am just a click away.


M-y friends may be so far
Y-et they seem to be near.

F-riends may come and go but
R-eal connections never cease.
I-t gives a meaningful
E-xperience as time goes by
N-ot to mention that
D-istant friends are
S-o precious like gems.

Beyond space and time, my distant friends may be so far from me but through a real, meaningful connections, it made me feel that they are just right beside me. I will never stop expressing a genuine gratefulness to a wonderful community with all the gems in Hive all over the world.

Thus, taking time to think about and meditate on the word distant, has lead me to a profound imagination that only my soul can see and only my heart can understand.

Just like the still clear and brilliant reflections of the water…

The distant notions paved way for self-reflection to grow my understanding of who I am, as I come apprehensive and conscious of myself.

Distant connotes self-reflection and my real connections in life. It’s how I see both myself and life at my own perspective wherein I could be a distant star and at the same time about learning to look back through a meaningful connection for a day in my life that seem so priceless.

This is my entry to #dreem-wotw challenge for Dreemport initiated by @samsmith1971 .

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own, unless otherwise stated.

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