If ю want

(орігінал @antipops/if-yu-vont)

  • not to be mentioned and become forgotten - whistle, but even so passive will be transferred to a paid entrance
  • just play not in dull 1 and the same - look at https://dpoll.io/detail/@pereu4ivatel/convenient-time/ and adjusting for the number of the community, "calculate" the time of the halves, today it is 20:10, 21:20 and 7:40, there are no intersections with other cryptours, so the 1st half is being played
  • receive tokens for the work of the brain - join hive-102040
  • sometimes get additional tokens for playing in existing 5 cryptournaments - incline admins to šroyal standards
  • receive notifications on liches and chess.com - join the local šqueendoms
  • test the alpha of the new world order - win prizes and issue decrees in the form of multiple choice voting during the day (if you passed the political orientation test))
  • win a daily prize pool - before the start of the tour, place a bet (with a name in the memo) on yourself to the community account (on @antipops for now)
  • increase your chances - translation, repost, stream, autonomous game report - it accumulates a head start
  • play without restrictions (any day at a convenient time at your own speed) - call the participants of the hot tour to suitable venues and watch the changes in the standings that you create
  • do not adapt to stupid globalization - write in your living language in hive-102040, and then make a pop translation with cross-references to communities where users do not know how to call themselves translators
  • dance victory celebration - dance, muzlo is attached

minday-old total poolpay for brain worktyperoundstitle
2074 athletes1.848+ Hive0arenaх"хайв-102040"

in 1 hour https://lichess.org/tournament/LMBIOlHV

1st timedurationcontrolberserkstreaksoptionclub
20:10 GMT½h+10blitz 5+6YY960Šqїndºm ºn blogčains

community invite for wild chess players https://ecency.com/signup?referral=hive-102040
It is the members of the club who receive tokens for the work of the brain

brief memo

Easy to remember 10-»20-»40 - each number from hive-102040 twice the previous one

1st time2nd time3rd time

While there are few cryptournaments, those times will be used that do not overlap with other tours.

šкоролевскіе стандарты @pereu4ivatel/sroyal-standardsŠroyal standards @antipops/skoenigliche-massstaebe
еслі вы хотіте @antipops/if-yu-vontif you want to @antipops/eine-kleine-zaehlung-der-schachbevoelkerung (outdated in a week)
удобное время @pereu4ivatel/convenient-timeconvenient time https://dpoll.io/detail/@pereu4ivatel/convenient-time
1шатываніе Трона @pereu4ivatel/otro-tipo-de-estadisticas-aflojandoThrone wobbles @antipops/next-type-of-statistics-throne
Автономна гра @pereu4ivatel/juego-autonomoAutonomous game @antipops/autonomous-game
Don't forget to put a comma:)
10 handicap points = 2-5 wins
  • translations
  • reposts
  • reports on autonomous participation
  • streams (only without a white background, my eyes can't stand it))

If the indicated translation options did not cope with my spelling - whistle, I will translate into your native language. Or invite a connoisseur to get 10 handicap points

forced page translationhover translation

cryptours for which additional tokens are awarded and there is a sawing of the prize fund (when they are played in šroyal standard))

Fri, 20:00 Hivechess TournamentSat, 20:00 Blitz ChessSun, 19:00 CBL & 21:00 PizzaChessMon, 20:15 CHECKMATE COINGMT

But you can just play too, the rules are needed for those who want to win.


And now almost everyone can win.

There was no minimum number of players in the first round, and 1.848 Hive remained in the daily prize pool (as in the picture))

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