Midweek Dreary

With nothing to write which will shock or awe, I guess a ramble is in order. I am posting this in the @Proofofbrainio community so I can feel special for maybe having a brain.

Not that having proof of a brain is doing many people any good. In fact, I would say many are better off if some had proof that their brains were shot out and hopefully proof of that can get someone a nice paycheck via life insurance. Just saying.

So far the week has been... Meh.

I did not go to the gym today but have been making good progress there and well...Meh.

Since the start of the week I have been looking at all the DeFi stuffs and had an itch to find a gem for a quick yield say in a week or so but alas that eluded. That follows recently removing liquidity from all the CubDefi farms which actually netted me more Cub since I did sell some last week.

After deciding there will not be any Lambo Rims for me I filled up some tokens to round numbers and moved back into the CubDefi farms with what was left, cashed out on Blizzard.money , Hyperjump and Yieldwatch and moved all of that. Which was not much. I moved all of that into a new farm I found - BGOV token - that although it has shit value does have a high daily APY and quite a long history on Ethereum.

Maybe next week I will find my Lambo Rims farm. I am realistic, I will never have a Lambo but I could stock up on the rims and sell them at a good markup to the others.

Although I like Hive for stuffs, I don't really see how a person would want to be a "Whale" considering that the same amount of money could more than likely be better spent and earn more somewhere else. I guess a sense of community will always be required. Other than that it does seem that I might be wrong and looking at the Whales in general Hive really is a nice cow.

Infrastructurally, Hive cannot benefit from growing or "tokenized" communities at the scale required... Just a random thought.

In other news, after a few days staring at TypeORM docs I have decided to use Prisma instead with my Nest.js application because I grok Schemas a lot more than I do weird ass entities and DTO boilerplate... I might be wrong but fucksakes I gotta start somewhere.

Ok so that is all for now I have to go execute buying a dip so I can stop shitting my pants for having sold :(

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