Without vaccinating people from underdeveloped countries, we can't get rid of the virus.

Vaccines are a part of world politics. But I'm not here to talk about politics. Rather let's talk about the truth. Without providing vaccines or make them available/affordable to every country; we can't get rid of the virus.


I'm vaccinated for Covid-19.

But seeing a lot of news saying, how some countries are struggling to manage vaccines. The problem is we are thinking that we can live without getting active help from many underdeveloped aka poor countries. But is this true? Maybe not.

The world is like a full body to me. If one part is cured, it's not a total cure. As long as we don't consider it this way, we can't get rid of the virus ever.

I really appreciate how different countries helping others to get the vaccine, many also giving it for free (or there are some hidden reasons/long-term benefits). Yes, everyone will try to save their citizens first. But countries that don't have the ability to produce the vaccines, can't buy them in bulk are not getting enough. Those countries are usually more populated and their living condition is also playing a big role to spread the virus. That's why we need to come closer/spread our helping hands so we can get a healthy world in a short period of time.

We can close the border. But for how long.

We have already seen how the virus spread, how different variants became deadly. So even if we make sure 100% vaccination to our adult, if some country can't ensure that in some way, we will still be at risk.

So it's time to think about this.


I'm not saying, we need to give it for free or don't think about our political benefits. With having all in our mind or maybe in the contract also, we should provide enough vaccines/make the vaccines available to the countries that are in need.

Or we will never get to musk off, we will never get a world we called normal. I am personally already feeling fed up with this situation. So sharing my thoughts with you.

What do you think?


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