The Need For Hive Culture


All of us here want Hive to succeed and there are many different approaches to that goal. Some claim it is vital to get more exposure to mainstream social media sites like twitter and facebook, running ads and marketing campaigns like @lordbutterfly has proposed and is working on.

Others feel Hive promotion should grow organically from individual to individual; that all of us do our part in promoting Hive to those we cherish in our lives - to share a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity with them that will benefit them and this place; to allow them to make a choice to be part of something that can become huge one day, getting in early while noone cares about this place at large, promoting a beautiful outlet for all sorts of ideas, viewpoints and kinds of expression.

And so it strikes me more and more that the 'best' way to promote Hive simply doesn't exist. Only the best wayS.

If you want to get more familiar with the power of finding - not the best way but the best wayS - an old TED lecture about Spaghetti Sauce comes to mind that will be totally worth your lifetime spent on it!

There really is no sense in trying a one-size-fits-all approach in promoting a network of diverse opinion, skillsets and worldviews that are - at the end of the day - united in what we cherish in this place. Approaches and preferences are secondary to the common, the uniting and the concensual.

And so I feel we really need to build culture. Hive culture. Hive culture that oozes tha uniting quality out to all those on the search for a better online presence.

We need to embrace that others will try different ways, will talk about different things and will take different approaches to promoting Hive's strengths to the unsuspecting potential audience out there. I hate to cite the controllers but diversity really is a strength (as long as it isn't mandated by anyone but can grow organically).

Hive culture.

I am pondering whether it would be a smart idea to create a community for it, or whether outreaching culture can grow so decentralized that a simple call to action can suffice, but at the end of the day I feel culture is what's largely missing on Hive.

We could turn the internal debates and occupations of this place into memes, artwork and music of viral character that manages to break the boundaries of this place and create resonance outside in a major way.

Overcoming the notion of logical arguments and pleas to join Hive and turn it into more of a "we're already here, what are you still doing on the outside?"-approach that is highly visible - not everywhere but in the right places.

As such I feel really motivated to keep working on more music about Hive, and to utilize Hive's strengths of diversity and BRAINPOWER to facilitate works that just scream to anyone uninvolved to better come check this place out before the ship has sailed. Hive is such an underdog still but how long will it remain so if the macro bull continues?

Culture is what makes any idea, way of life or worldview thrive. Culture tends to replicate itself and - if left to the powers that (try to) be - culture will always be subverted and ultimately steered towards a direction not in the favor of those who originally believed the high vibing ideals that were promised and aspired to. So it has to be a bottom-up approach.

And so I feel it really is up to any one of us to not only promote Hive in the way we each see fit, but to unite in that common goal: Many different approaches will increase the appeal and merit of this place in all the right ways, and there is no need to fight about the difference in approaches when promoting a network of high mental quality and countless different leanings and tendencies, a network that can already stand on its own because it isn't uniform and susceptible like monocultures are.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm off writing another track about Hive. First one is almost done - music, writing, melody - just recording and mixing are left which we'll get to over the course of the next month, finally!

Blessings to all of ya <3


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