Distribution. A #1 task.

When a new token is created, no doubt the most tough and crucial task is token distribution.
Same applies to tribes, communities, which backup the new token.
The more participants - the better.
The more token holders - the better
The more investors - the better.
The higher trading volumes - the better.
The higher liquidity - the better.

Everyone can go to Hive-Engine, and create a new token. I can do it in 5 minutes. You can do it too.
Just set the max token quantity to 21,000,000,000 tokens (yes, 21 Bil.), make a fake, one single trade on HE at $5, and ... voila, we have a new token with $105 billion marketcap ! Sound all legit? Sure. 🙂
But what is the value of it, if there is ONE user, ONE owner, zero investments ( lets ignore at this point token creation fees), zero investors? ZERO distribution.

Distribution is very tough task. SUPER TOUGH.

In fact, is there anything at all more important than this?

Then remember one good proverb, heard so many times recently, while people talk about Polititians, governments, banksters -
"do not listen what they speak, SEE WHAT THEY DO".
Sound familiar?

Last night, while I got sucked-in in a discussions on discord, I pulled some data out of hivetasks.com
It gives some interesting things about yet unexpired posts. Some statistics.

So here is what I found:


I will not go any further here with my comments, judgements, interpretations, recommendations.

This is a PROOF-OF-BRAIN tribe. You have brain. Time to use it.


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