Be Respectful To Everyone Around You And Don't Look Down On Strangers

Every individual are stranger whether you are in your place or somewhere ease but that is the danger in follow your own way without looking back where you are born with and always remember that you belong to one nation even when you are far from home because no amount of years spent in a journey surely you will return back home on a lovely day. We need to understand that strangers is naturally a very positive relation with every nation because it is a specific form of interaction among various country. Every country has a stranger that are doing either positively or negatively impact on there economics system but ability to turn a group of people into a team find it very bit difficult in the process.


Most times happiness unlocks the fullness of life anytime and anyway and It also turns what we have into enough only if we are contented in what we have and allow a strange people to have a better day with you without telling them they don't have place here because they are mere strangers in your environment. People should understand that we has a better life with abundance blessing and has a very long way to go so there is no point blindly following others to their own destination but you can only reach your destination only if you are creative, initiative and sensitive to realities the difference opportunities around you and tap in the opportunity.

However, Relationship that happens between individuals or two groups will be determined by the cordial relationship in within them either negative or positive. They believes in the power of secrecy and no one can understand them for any reasons so you don't have any reasons to look into there affairs no matter what. So you even know that most times one feels freely speaking to a stranger than to people one knows but for you to believe in what stranger can do provide good condition for team building and cooperating among the group of strangers because they will work harder to make things done without any kind of supervision from anyone.

Before I drop my pen for today, We can only achieve our desires result only if we don't start comparing ourselves or our situation to that of others who is not ready to produce anything good and better for the society, verily it is the beginning of our failure if we really compare ourselves or our situation to that particular people within our boundaries. We need to understand that those people who are comparing themselves with are not better than us and they can never better than our ideas and believe we have within ourselves, but because of impatience and greed we allow ourselves to go through unnecessary discomfort. Thank you so much for your time and I will see you tomorrow with another interesting topic. Stay blessed.

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