Pob-Photography: Fishing at Twilight on Lake Superior 🇨🇦

Here is a photo I took from my kayak of a lone fisherman fishing from his boat as the sun sets behind him on Lake Superior. Unfortunately I used my iPhone and also captured a giant green orb UFO on the horizon.

For some reason the sun looked massive as it set between the Island and the mainland. I sent a similar photo into Cottage Life where they are having a Photo contest. The winner of the contest wins a small Bunkie. I submit a photo every year and have never won but my photos are used without any compensation in their magazine and Instagram page. I think it’s just a way for them to get millions of beautiful photos for free.

Cottage Life Photo Contest : https://cottagelifephotocontest.com/

Thank God for places like Proofofbrain.io and Noise.Cash where you can actually earn a few $$ clams for all your hard work.

Noise.Cash: https://noise.cash/u/Offgrid






How to submit your entry

Technical requirements

Take a photo with any device
The maximum file size is 10 MB. Photos that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted
JPG files only
No watermarks
No cropping
No filters applied
Important reminders

If you're using a mobile device, ensure your camera is set to the highest resolution possible. (This is the default setting unless you've changed it)

Avoid adding filters on photo editing apps. These filters can compromise the quality of the photo
Cropping images taken on mobile devices can also compromise the quality of the photo


By entering the Content and submitting a Photo, you grant (and warrant that any individuals shown in the Photo grant) to Sponsor, its affiliated companies and each of their licensees, successors and assigns (together, the “Licensees”), an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free licence to edit, publish, use and exploit the Photo, in whole or in part, in any format and in any media (including without limitation print; websites, social media platforms and other internet or mobile use; television and film; and any advertising or promotional use), for any commercial or non-commercial use, without attribution or compensation to you or any third party, other than the awarding of the prizes under this contest. You acknowledge that Licensees may modify the Photo; you hereby irrevocably waive all moral rights in connection with the Photo.

You warrant that you control all rights in each Photo, and will maintain the ability to grant the foregoing exclusive license to Sponsor, free of any limitations, restrictions or third party obligations. In addition, if a Photo is chosen as a winner, all original material, including digital capture files, must be made available to Sponsor as a condition of receiving a prize.

You agree that Sponsor and other Licensees shall have the right to determine the extent and manner of use of any submitted Photo in their sole discretion and are not obligated to use any Photo. You agree that Sponsor is not responsible for return or preservation of any Photo.

Source: https://cottagelifephotocontest.com/

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