I have been on the blockchain for close to four years and I would say that nothing comes close to being in a position where you can help other people actualize their dreams (no matter how little). It is the purest form of altruism and it is soul-satisfying.

In the past 2-3 months I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to help out in certain community projects and also pursue some of my own--in relation to hivenaija. I have also had the luxury of working with some amazing people which in term has opened doors for me.

In general, I have learnt the value of teamwork and to be frank, it is a lot easier when people of like-minds work together to achieve a goal. It makes the burden of achieving the said goal less stressful and it becomes a collective thing where everyone contributes based on their individual strength.

Also, I have seen this fruitful relationship yield results. For instance, I had one of my colleagues put in a good word for me which has increased my capacity to spread the value across the community. This would have not happened if I was stuck in my bubble--trying to do my own thing.


I have seen over the last 3 months how ordinary individuals take on the role of leadership without even consciously knowing. It is borne out of the desire to see a project or idea come to fruition. This makes your job as a community leader less tasking.

Being a community leader has also been a great opportunity to learn. This might come as a surprise to many who in some way look up to me for answers and solutions, but it is true. I have learnt a lot about the blockchain by interacting with my community through meaningful discussions.

Also, being a community leader exposes one to a lot of opportunities. I will say I have gained more from trying to help other people than I did while being fixated on my personal growth. By giving people the opportunity to learn and earn, I also enrich myself both materially and spiritually.

So if you ask me, I would say that one should not miss the opportunity to serve, in any capacity. It is a big opportunity for growth and exposure. Most people who have gone to do great things on the blockchain have done so out of service and have reaped the most reward.

Rather than focus on what you can get, also consider what you can give. It is in the act of giving we receive. Thinking in this term opens your mind to *abundance *which is the catalyst for exponential growth. You do not think in terms of scarcity but from your wealth of knowledge and compassion.

Throughout this week, I want you to think in terms of how you can enrich other people’s experiences on the blockchain. Rather than thinking of what to create to earn, consider how you can bring value to another person through your content and interactions.

It might be through the most basic thing on the chain like creating a post or a comment. The only thing different is that you are not solely thinking in terms of monetary gains but also about adding value through knowledge or a shared experience. This way you attain some level of mastery in your craft.

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