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Yes, that's the post. This is a fresh reminder experience as of this week.

He sounds like a piece of shit. The kind of shit person who is so shit that they end up making a movie about them.

Think of someone with zero empathy, highly intelligent, highly cunning, skilled at a spectrum of torture (mind, body, soul) and killing, with sadistic torture, power, and murder as their primary drive in life. No, I don't want to know where the bodies are buried. I just know he's killed since he did his best to take me out as a child.

Update today, no go to be put on the contact list if my mother dies. Nurse said she could not get a coherent confirmation out of her. Today I decided that I have to let go of her so she can depart the body. If I wasn't sure on that choice, I was reminded in the kindest way this afternoon.

Thanks @brandt, I really appreciate you reading. Thanks for the beer also.

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