Why We Have Full Confidence in the Proof Of Brain (POB) Community!



Hey friends!

The Proof Of Brain Community founder/admin made just one mistake. One mistake! And it has been corrected. Not only has it been corrected, measures are being put in place to make sure a mistake never happens again, and looking at these measures, anyone would bet that such mistakes have been put to an end and would never repeat.

What Was the Mistake?

A member's reasoning led him to downvote someone else, he also sought to buy up more POB power so his downvotes would be more effective. The founder of POB muted him because he thought this sort of behaviour was dangerous, would lead to downvote wars and that the reasoning for the downvotes was malicious. A lot of Community members were NOT happy about this muting, so they aired their views and the person was unmuted.

The mistake was obviously the muting of that member, in the opinion of most people. The major argument given why muting was the wrong thing to do is that people should be free to disagree with rewards using upvotes and downvotes. The POB founder realized this after the Community showed disapproval. Here:



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The negative reputation is there because the muted member happened to be a big hive stake holder and has downvoted the POB founder account a lot


So that was the mistake, it was just one mistake that has been resolved now. Looking at this mistake some people see dictatorship and censorship but it is actually very far from that! The POB Community is ruled by Community input, the members make all the decisions and the founder only implements what the POB Community agrees on. Ever since the Community was created every move has been up for discussion and decision via Community input. Look at these 4 screenshots to prove:

  1. On getting a new frontend

Link to post

2.On Whether POB tokens should be sold to raise funds for the new POB frontend Development


Link to post

3.On what to do with POB's Ad revenue


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4.On what tags to pin


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The POB Community is clearly as decentralized as we hope for from platforms like it. One mistake that was resolved quickly does not change that, infact the unmuting of that member as soon as the Community disagreed shows how well decentralized the POB Community is! Besides the whole muting thing to prevent what was considered malicious downvoting is quite tricky and a mistake there that was quickly corrected can be understood.

What has Been Done to Ensure Similar Mistakes Never Happen?

In the same post announcing the unmuting of that member, POB admin showed that decisions like that would now be only based on Community input:


Furthermore, on the issue of malicious downvoting, POB member @trostparadox has come up with his own intended proposal that would define what malicious downvoting would be and the moves to be made by the Community when it occurs. The intended proposal is up for discussion, after which it will be up for Community vote.

Its Actually All Good on the POB Community

Shakeups and disagreements like these are normal on decentralized platforms because everyone is free to input and a lot of people are inputting.

On POB the community members are still thinking on ways to move forward, the new frontend by @leprechaun is almost done, the brilliant tokenomics is still in play, the POB token still has it's place at the top of the Hive-engine tokens. Basically Alicia's still washing the dishes and Santa's still coming on Christmas.



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