The Best Frontend on Hive: The New Proof Of Brain Frontend: Review, Feedback and Suggestions

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Whoa! The new Proof Of Brain Frontend ( is on fire!! 🔥 🔥

I've been using it almost exclusively for about a week now and it is a lot to write home about. So I'm writing home.

Dear Home,

First of all big shout out to @leprechaun for such a good job on adapting the ecency software into this new frontend. I'm going to do this review, feed back and suggestions post using two headers: (1) The New Improvements on the Old Frontend (2) Suggestions

The New Improvements on the Old Frontend

  1. Ability to Interact With Posts from all the Communities on Hive Including Those not Using the Proofofbrain Tag: If you used the old front end you should know the only posts visible there are posts made using it or posts with the 'pob' or 'proofofbrain' tag. Its really great that we now have a frontend that can show all the Hive posts no matter where, how, or with what it was made.

  2. Speed: The new frontend is very fast, no lags at all, the smooth free flowing experience we've always dreamed of.

  3. It Shows all the Hive and Hive Community Tokens Your Posts and Comments have Generated in Rewards: This is the major revolution! This is one of the reasons why it is the best frontend on Hive. What other frontend embraces all the Hive Communities as much as this one? Your rewards on posts and comments shows in it's dollar value like this:


And when you click on the dollar value it shows you all the Hive, Hive Backed Dollars and Hive Community Tokens! it has generated that makes up that dollar value like this:



4 Witness Vote: One of the other reasons it is the best frontend on Hive. You can vote your witnesses very easily just like upvoting a post. You click on 'witnesses' and simply vote:




  1. There's just one little problem I've noticed as I use this frontend. When someone uses a Community's frontend to post, when you go to their blog you wouldn't see the post except the person reblogs it or you click on 'posts'. This is a problem because people forget to reblog sometimes and people forget to click on 'posts' when the goto someone's blog. On simply getting to the blog the understanding is that they're supposed to see all your posts there, remembering to click on 'posts' doesn't happen always.
    The front end should be made to display posts on a person's blog without one having to click on 'posts' or the poster having to reblog, or else people would visit blogs and some posts would be missing including posts made on the old proof of brain frontend ( Not nice that a post made on a proof of brain front end would require extra things like clicking on 'posts' and reblogging in order to be seen on the new Proof of Brain Frontend. When you're on Proof of Brain, proof of brain posts should be easily viewable.
  2. It would be great if every comment and post carry the 'Posted via' watermark like it was in the old frontend. This would help the word about proofofbrain to spread and give free advertisement.
  3. No third suggestions, please, that's how you know this frontend is really killer, when the Legendary Nevies don't have a lot of improvement suggestions 🌚🌚🌚
    Alright, I'll work on my humility, but let's go, its a great frontend!


Roll with @nevies, I run a Humor, deeper thoughts and sex talk blog here on Hive🌚


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