Meet Pobpunk NFT Character 'The Woke Pimp'

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The swagger, confidence and masculinity of a pimp has come to be admired by so many. And the hip hop world has gone a long way to cement the popularity of pimping with hit songs like P.I.M.P by 50 Cent that had lyrics like:

I don't know what you heard about me,
But a bitch can't get a dollar outta me.
No Cadillac no perms you can't see
That I'm a motherfuckin' P.I.M.P.


Also the many gangsta movies that gained popularity like The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas (1990), etc added to our respect and admiration of a man who is rich and powerful and has a lot of people who owe allegiance to him and who he manages to keep in line even from far away.

A pimp is one such men who is powerful and has people owing allegiance to him. His fashion sense is flashy, he wears flashy clothes, drives flashy cars, his moves are boss moves and one of the things humans have come to associate with masculinity the most he has it, which is: control over multiple women. He is like a god to them, they do what he wants and are at his beck and call as he swaggers about.

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This powerful flashy lifestyle and masculinity is what our NFT character The Woke Pimp admires and is why he became a pimp. But the thing is he is really woke. Let's turn to Websters for a definition of the term 'woke':


So our pimp here is well aware of issues of life like discrimination, misogyny, oppression of women and things like that. He reads ancient philosophers like Marcus Aurielus and Fran├žois de La Rochefoucauld. He reads Malcolm Gladwell and Nigeria's Chimamanda Adichie.

As a result he is an advocate for human rights and female rights. Our pimp is a feminist. He doesn't disrespect women and talk to them carelessly, he doesn't slap them, flog them or abuse them neither does he let anyone do all these to them.

But then again there is something else: he doesn't have any sex workers under his wing. All the times he meets new girls or new girls come to plead with him to take them under his wing he usually sits them down and talk a lot of philosophy and woke ideas with them.

He tells them a woman is free to do whatever she wants with her body, including sex work. That sex work is honest living and could be quite pleasurable for the woman, but sex work is kind of risky, it will put you in the path of so many uncouth and ungentlemanly men; it could also expose you to STDs and other communicable diseases.

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And to cap it all, you have to share some of the proceeds with him as your pimp. That's quite something, he could probably be lenient with his cut but he believes in adequate pay for work done, even for himself, if he would do the work of being your pimp he certainly deserves to be properly reimbursed. At the end of the day how much could the girls go home with for all the risk they take?

The Woke Pimp then proceeds to tell the girls of other money making options like trading cryptocurrencies, blogging on Hive/Proofofbrain, writing posts for the @trostparadox led project proofofblind, playing Splinterlands, NFT gaming, etc. The girls are usually more attracted to these means of making money, so The Woke Pimp teaches them how to go about it, opens Hive accounts, etc for them and they begin.

That is why The Woke Pimp, ever so woke and gangsta, does not have any girls under him to pimp out. A lot of people then asks, if he doesn't have any sex workers then how can he be called a pimp? To this question, The Woke Pimp in all his wokeness and gangstaness pulls out a fat cigar and places it in his mouth, leans back in his chair, light up the cigar and puffs smoke into the air.


Then he says:

'Does a person who graduates with an accounting degree cease to be called an Accountant simply because he has not secured an accounting job?'

At this point the person who asked him that question realizes their mistake and breaks into tears for making such a silly mistake. In-between sobs they'll say:

'Oh, yes, you're a pimp, you're learned in this pimp game, not having any girls at the moment does not change that. Please forgive my ignorance.'

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The Woke Pimp in his scholarly gangsta glory would take another sip from the cigar slowly and deliberately, puff and say 'You are forgiven'. Puff again, 'go and be ignorant no more.'

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Now, is this really fiction? Does such a guy exist here on Hive without us knowing? I'll give us some clues. Like, for example, on the VYB discord channel my name is The Woke Pimp:



Then again, here's a comment I made sometime ago in reply to my man @manorvillemike:



Does the relaxed smoking and talking in-between puffs remind you of anyone?

Well, too much clues, damn.

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I'm giving this character to @jaxsonmurphy to mint into a pobpunk NFT if he likes it. @jaxsonmurphy, I'd suggest you make him look like that photo above in punk style, but its all up to you.

All other rights reserved, but anyone can hit me up if they want to use this character in any way.

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@neoxian, I thought about you and all your pimp shit, this seems like a Character you'd like, what you think bout this guy?


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