Improvement Proposal for Every General Topics Community on Hive



Our beloved Hive keeps making a lot of progress as the days go by, and the thriving of Communities is one of the most exciting progress it records! Shout out to all of us who took the initiative to start Communities and all of us who put in a lot of efforts to keep the communities we love going! We're really making magic on this platform and its so mind blowing that this is just the beginning.


Cutting to the chase...

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Right now when it comes to Hive's general topics Communities, like the #proofofbrain Community, #neoxian and #palnet, when a post is made it appears like this:




You see it written at the top of the post "in proofofbrain", "in The City of Neoxian", "in Palnet". Meanwhile proofofbrain, neoxian, palnet are not topics, they are Community names and the positions they are occupying were used for showing the reader the topic/theme the posts are about. Like "in music" "in poetry", etc. Before the coming of general topics Communities to take over those positions, that was where the main topics/themes of the post used to occupy.

Specific topics Communities do not have these problems because when you see "in onchainart", "in BEER", "in natural medicine" you already know what it is about. Natural medicine will always be natural medicine, beer would always be beer, etc. Specifics! The Communities are so specific that you don't need any further information unlike the general topics Communities.

And we all know how important it is for a reader to atleast know what topic/theme a post is about before opening it, it helps you decide whether you want to read it or not, decide whether it is clickbait or not, decide whether it would be worth it or not, etc!

Also it is true that the title of a post is there and it really helps to let the reader know what the post is about at first glance but there are times when it is not enough. And a further problem arises which is, the writer now has to put extra efforts into making his title show more. What if the writer fails? What if the writer didn't even think to do that?

So in conclusion, the names of general topics Communities' are not specific topics/themes and spaces should be created for themes to be viewed at first glance. For those general Communities that have their own frontend this can be very easy to implement. Since it is still important for posts to carry the names of the general Community for publicity purpose my suggestion is that the top of posts carry both the Community's name and the theme. "Proof Of Brain" and "poetry" can both be share the top of a post, etc. A simple UI design can make this possible and even splendid looking! Hey @leprechaun how about implementing this on the brand new Proofofbrain frontend you're developing?

Now, I know these things take some background programming to pull off, and since I'm a seasoned programmer, here is my short simple programming direction for carrying this out:

From the backend attach the post plugin with the main tag plugin, the post plugin should be behind it, but give it a gas mask because being behind someone else like that is a dangerous thing, you never know when they'll fart. That's where the gas mask comes in. Lastly copy and paste..

Alright, let's knock it off, I don't know jack about programming, I'm sorry!


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