A Whole Different Way to View Insects and Other Little Organisms

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My blog is a Humour, Deeper thoughts and Sex Talk Blog. Look at it, that's what it says there:


Alright, it doesn't only say it, that's what it is actually about as many must know by now. My blog is that way because that's the type of brother I am and today it is mostly about that 'Deeper Thoughts' aspect; my people, I have deeply thought myself into some trouble as regards insects and other small organisms. Roll with me.

I've shared the world with insects and small organisms all my life like y'all, and I didn't really use to pay them any mind but recently I started thinking about them, I think it was animal control and talks about animal rights that got me thinking about insects and smaller creatures. Wikipedia defines animal rights thus:

Animal rights is the philosophy according to which some, or all, animals are entitled to the possession of their own existence and that their most basic interests—such as the need to avoid suffering—should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings. That is, all species of animals have the right to be treated as individuals, with their own desires and needs, rather than as unfeeling property.

I'd like to lay more emphasis on the closing phrase 'rather than as unfeeling property'. Because that's the way we mostly treat animals, as if they don't feel pains like we do. (Bear in mind that I know all these are changing, though, and humans are becoming more responsible).

While thinking about animal rights, insects and other smaller creatures popped up in my head and I realized that they have it worse! Insects and worms and small organisms like that have it worse. We step on them, slap them, some people pour salt on worms just to see them writhe in pain, etc. They have it worse.

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I've been thinking about how I feel when I'm hit by something heavy, sharp or painful, we've all sustained injuries before. I've been thinking about how painful the fractures and wounds I've had in the past were and realizing that this is exactly how these insects feel too when they are being stepped on and handled roughly like they usually are.

People find an insect walking on their body or anywhere around and they just slap them and leave them to keep writhing in pains till they die. Or they just step on them, match them intentionally or unintentionally and leave them to writhe there to death. Realizing that it is the same pain really makes me feel impacted by this.


And that's the trouble I have deep-thought myself into, folks. I can't really mourn because there is too much to mourn in this world that I'd break down if I let myself be thrown into mourning so often (there are also a lot of good sweet things to be joyful about in this life like orgasms and fried chicken, so don't get me wrong, I'm not a pessimistic fellow, I know that life has great good and great bad). But instead of mourning the trouble I've gotten into is that there are a lot of times you have to kill insects, when you know they're going to disturb you you have to kill them most times.

Like when you find an ant around your body or bed, you know you have to kill it or it will sting you or disturb you when your fast asleep. I know I have to kill them sometimes and I do so but since I thought deeper about these things I just don't slap them or pinch them and let them be, I now make sure they are dead, I now always check and make sure by destroying their bodies and cutting their head off. I do these so that I just don't badly injure them and let them writhe and suffer till they die. I make I give them a quick death.

This is becoming a problem because it takes more time and attention from me these days than I used to have to give. Sometimes I step on them by mistake and can't let them stay there writhing. Sometimes its not even me but someone else, they kill the insects improperly and I have to step in quickly and end their writhing with a quick death. Phew!

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Two scenarios that have stood out:

Scenario 1

At a friend's house, she saw a group of ants around some spot where she sat, she slapped them and left them half dead writhing weakly. I had to quickly rush, take my time and end them one after the other till I did them all. That was something.

Scenario 2

I was sleeping, some unidentified insect too heavy to be a mosquito stepped on my arm, I slapped it hard and if was off my body. I started wondering whether I killed it off well or whether it was writhing in pains somewhere around my bed. I couldn't sleep anymore until I got up, switched on the light, found that insect and made sure it was completely dead. Really something, won't you agree?

Then again, my first rule actually is that I make sure I don't kill an insect or touch them except I really have to

So that's it, folks, how I'm living. But I never do these for mosquitoes, I hate mosquitoes with everything I've got. I usually make sure I don't kill them quickly but injure them badly and leave them on the floor. Mosquitoes are my mortal enemies. In Nigeria where I live they transmit a disease called malaria, I fall sick almost every month due to malaria, spend a lot on medicine and be unable to be productive for days due to the ailment.

Screw mosquitoes! Sometimes I'm about to deeply think about the fact that it isn't their fault and they're just trying to survive, but I scream 'to hell with that!' I've got to payback!

Roll with @nevies, I run a Humor, deeper thoughts and sex talk blog here on Hive🌚

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