Two Days visit to Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station which is the closest to Mumbai and can be reached in maximum 2.5 hours, easy accessibility, smooth roads, so most of the people from Mumbai travel here on weekends for a weekend getaway, which eventually gets the place very crowded and because of this now people are shifting in locations around Lonavala which are comparatively less crowded. Why everyone loves to come over here that you will see in the pictures. Specially in the monsoon season this place gets over crowded, as the place gets unimaginably beautiful and the weather is awesome. There are waterfalls on the mountains, it gets misty and everything all around looks lush green.

With our few friends we made a 2 days visit to the place. Our main purpose to visit there was, we wanted to check out on some land that me and my hubby have a thought of investing in and gradually also build our home here. Once we return back from Muscat permanently I would like to settle in some quiet place and do my things being away from the city crowd. Again buying a land in lonavala is expensive so we decided to move little further in the nearby places.

There are other places like Karla, Pawna, which are also picking up fast and the prices is 1/4 of what we would get in lonavala. We saw couple of places and of all I liked one in Karla, which has open views but still it's not to my 100% satisfaction. I want something closer to the Mountains and preferably near a water body. This place has a panoramic mountain views but there is no water body around. So I have not yet been able to finalize and I guess it is going to take some more visits before I can actually finalize on something.

This is the place where we stayed. This cottage is opposite our cottage in the same place. Beautiful views and prefect for a weekend getaway

With my friends. It feels so good to meet up with everyone

It's story time with my little princesses.

The surroundings of where we stayed are very nice

There is a swimming pool as well, but now in the rains the water is very cold so none of us stepped in, though the kids did go to the pool side and had their share of fun

This is our cottage, we had taken a little bigger one since we were many

The plot area that we went to see, it has a panoramic mountain view but it's a little far

The roads are yet not made here, but that's ok for me, one can still drive up here

On one side there is already a bungalow built up, and at a distance there are some few other houses as well

Overall the place is nice, it gives good vibes but as I mentioned it is not 100% up to y satisfaction and I still do not feel that wow factor, so I am going to give more time before I can finalize on it.

The 2 days have been most of the time on the road, and from there we came to Pune, where I intend to spend 3 days as I have plans to meet up my old uncle and aunts, spend some time with them and then back home to Mumbai. The idea of buying a place in Lonavala area is because it is closer to Mumbai and Pune cities and easy accessibility. I would want to set my base here in future but at the same time I would like to visit my Mumbai home also on and off, so this makes it convenient.

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